Top 7 WordPress Trends For Businesses In 2023

Marius Vetrici
CEO wpriders
December 9, 2022

As we move into 2023, we expect to see a range of WordPress trends shaping the platform’s future. From increased adoption of headless CMS and AI/ML technologies to greater emphasis on user experience and multilingual support.

Here are what we believe will be the top 7 WordPress trends we expect to see rising in 2023:

WordPress VIP

The introduction of WordPress VIP has become a viable option for developing complex web solutions for large enterprises.

WordPress VIP is a high-managed WP hosting platform suitable for large businesses and websites with massive traffic. It offers a range of benefits and features that can help companies to improve their online presence.

This trend of using WordPress VIP for complex web development is quickly gaining popularity. It is now possible for large enterprises to create and maintain powerful websites using WordPress.

Key benefits of using WordPress VIP

  1. Fast hosting speeds: WordPress VIP ensures that your website loads quickly and provides a smooth user experience for your visitors.
  2. Special security measures: Protect your business and customers and give you peace of mind knowing that your website is secure.
  3. Support from WordPress experts: WordPress experts can help you with any questions or issues. This can save you time and hassle and help you get the most out of your WordPress website.

With its fast hosting speeds, special security measures, and expert support, WordPress VIP is a powerful platform for creating and managing complex and high-traffic websites.

WordPress as Headless CMS

A headless CMS is a content management system that allows users to manage and deliver content through an API rather than a traditional website interface. This will enable businesses to create and manage their content in a flexible and scalable way without being tied to a specific front-end design or platform.

WordPress allows businesses to utilize its powerful content management capabilities and display that content securely and efficiently. These while still having the flexibility to use any front-end design or platform they choose.

Key benefits to using WordPress as a headless CMS:

  1. Flexibility and scalability: With a headless CMS, businesses can create and manage their content in a flexible and scalable way without being tied to a specific front-end design or platform. This allows companies to adapt to changing needs and business goals and to scale their content management as their business proliferates.
  2. Improved SEO: You will be able to deliver content in a way that is optimized for search engines. This can help businesses improve their search engine rankings and drive more traffic to their website.
  3. Enhanced security: WordPress is known for its robust features. Using it as a headless CMS can help businesses protect their content and user data from hacking and other security threats.

Using WordPress as a headless CMS can offer a range of benefits, including flexibility, scalability, improved user experience, and enhanced content management capabilities.

Full Site Editing (FSE)

Full site editing (FSE) allows users to create and manage the design and layout of their entire WordPress website. This will enable businesses to create a seamless and consistent user experience across their website. Besides that, you can easily customize the design and layout of their site to reflect their brand and business goals.

WordPress FSE Benefits:

  1. Enhanced design and layout capabilities: You can easily customize the design and layout of your website using pre-designed templates and blocks or creating custom designs. This allows businesses to create a unique and professional-looking website that reflects their brand and business goals.
  2. Improved content management: Manage and organize the content more efficiently with tools for creating and organizing content using categories, tags, and custom fields. This can help businesses create and deliver high-quality content optimized for search engines and user engagement.
  3. Greater flexibility and scalability: You can quickly adapt and scale your website as they grow. This can help businesses save time and resources. It also will allow them to respond rapidly to changing business needs and goals.

WordPress FSE offers improved user experience, enhanced design and layout capabilities, improved content management, and greater flexibility and scalability.

Using WordPress FSE, companies can create a professional and user-friendly website that helps them reach their goals and grow their online presence.


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) rapidly transform many industries, WordPress included. By incorporating AI and ML into WordPress, businesses can take advantage of various benefits and capabilities that can help them improve their online presence.

Key benefits of using AI and ML in WordPress:

  1. Improved user experience: Offer a personalized and engaging user experience for their visitors. For example, AI-powered chatbots can give instant and customized customer support. This will help them find the information they need and make engaging with your business easier.
  2. Enhanced security: Help businesses improve security measures and protect their website and user data from hacking and other security threats. AI-powered security tools can monitor your website for potential threats. These tools will alert you if any are detected, allowing you to respond quickly and protect your business.
  3. Improved SEO: AI-powered SEO tools can analyze your website and suggest ways to improve your content and structure.

As you can see, AI and ML offer a range of benefits for businesses using WordPress. By incorporating these technologies into their WordPress website, companies can improve their content creation, user experience, security, and search engine rankings, helping them reach their business goals and grow their online presence.

Multilingual support

As more people worldwide use the internet, the demand for multilingual content on websites has increased. In the coming years, we can expect to see a significant rise in the use of multilingual content on WordPress websites.

Various plugins and services integrated with WordPress can help users create and manage multilingual content to meet this demand. Two of the most popular plugins are TranslatePress and WPML, allowing users to create multiple versions of their websites in different languages.

SaaS tools like Linguise also offer automatic translation and a language switcher, making it easy for site visitors to view your website in their preferred language. This can help businesses reach a wider audience and improve their online presence in a global market.

Accessibility support

The importance of a website increased significantly for people with disabilities in the last few years. However, this WordPress trend will continue to matter in 2023 and beyond. Online content is now much more accessible because of smart speakers and voice capabilities.

Thus accessibility of online content can be enhanced and improved with simplified navigation, captioned media, and voice search technology.

It is important to enhance the accessibility for disabled people so they can easily access your website content.

Better security

WordPress has become a more appealing target for hackers as it continues to gain popularity. This is why cybersecurity is a major trend for WordPress in 2023.

There are several ways to improve the security of your WordPress website. One of the most important is using strong passwords and two-factor authentication for added protection.

Another key security measure is to keep your WordPress installation up-to-date. Each time a new version of WordPress is released, it includes fixes for any known vulnerabilities. By keeping your site up-to-date, you can help prevent it from being hacked.

Additionally, you can use a security plugin like Wordfence or Sucuri to add extra protection to your site. These plugins offer features such as malware scanning and firewalls, which can help keep your site safe from attacks.

A WordPress maintenance agency can help you keep your WordPress website secure while you will have the peace of mind to focus on your business growth.

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The WordPress ecosystem is constantly evolving, and we expect to see a range of WordPress trends and developments in 2023 that will shape the platform’s future.

These trends will offer a range of benefits for businesses and organizations using WordPress, including improved user experience, enhanced design and layout capabilities, improved content management, and greater scalability.

By staying informed about these trends and incorporating them into their WordPress strategy, businesses can improve their online presence and reach their business goals.

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