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Refund Policy

WPRiders agrees to refund the Client partially or fully if the work delivered by us does not meet what was agreed in the Scope Of Work (SOW). Refund requests, if any, must be made within 14 (fourteen) days of your payment.

The refund policy will not be applicable if any of the following items apply:

  • The Client decides that they no longer want/need the work done and the work has already been initiated by our company
  • If the SOW has deviated from the original agreed SOW and the client refuses to pay for the additional work

Types of refund:

Full refund: In cases where the assignment has not been started or if no documentation has been initiated. The Full Refund policy will initiate after receiving the upfront payment and will take up to 45 days to refund the amount.

Partial refund: If there is a failure to deliver as per our agreed solution delivery/SOW through duly signed contracts, the partial refund will be in proportion to the assignment completed.

No refunds: If the assignment has been completed.