Risk and Resilience Hub

Risk and Resilience Hub
Project Type
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  • PROJECT TYPE: A WordPress development retainer project to rebuild the website on a solid foundation. This is a long-standing ongoing engagement where WPRiders acts as a technical development partner since April 2020.
  • CLIENT INDUSTRY: Publishing
  • CLIENT REQUEST: Retool, improve, and fix the problems that the platform encounters
  • GOAL: Ensure proper functioning of the platform through complex optimization, bug fixing, and implementation of new features.

Risk and Resilience Hub is a digital platform leveraged to bring together the silos of BC, EM, DR, GRC and ERM to build resilient organizations and communities in the private and public sectors. The vibrant ecosystem is not simply a website but rather a global hub for professionals to connect and collaborate.

Risk and Resilience Hub

Our process & implementation

Following a thorough website audit, our client has found their platform to have major issues regarding website functionality, loading speed, and other vital features.

Our first step for this project was to check the audit conclusions and do some thorough website analysis ourselves. This led to creating a development plan intended to solve the existing issues and improve the platform with new features and more efficient tools. The strategy we followed for this project was: fix, then improve.

Initially, we focused on security vulnerabilities and bug fixing. In this aspect, our goal was to fix all the critical issues and reach a normal functionality level for the website. It was important to keep the platform available to its readers.

As part of the optimization process, we’ve performed a very detailed plugin review. We managed to remove the poorly coded plugins and refactor some of them through custom code. We’ve also replaced some functionalities with better and more optimized plugins. Following these changes, the entire website is maintained through regular updates and weekly security monitoring tasks.

We’ve also optimized the website by streamlining the Ads Display functionality and ensuring ads are not affected by cache.

One important new feature that we’ve added to the platform is the Business Directory for listings and subscriptions. Most of the coding for this website section was implemented through OOPHP. Also, we performed custom integrations such as MemberPress for subscriptions. The directory is also connected to live payments via Stripe.

Since the work on this project is ongoing, we’re constantly improving the article management functionality by adding new custom fields in the Posts backend. This allows the editors to select multiple authors and assign them to articles, customize author names, select multiple featured images or create articles that are linked to external sources.

As a result of our involvement, the platform is free of vulnerabilities and is kept constantly updated. Compared to the previous version, the loading speed and overall performance of the website have significantly improved. Thanks to the newly implemented features, the RRhub Directory is continuously growing with new subscriptions.

Risk and Resilience Hub

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