Project Type
API Integration
WooCommerce Xero

  • CLIENT INDUSTRY: Accounting for e-commerce
  • CLIENT REQUEST: Help me take the plugin to the next level by developing new features
  • GOAL: Develop the requested features

Xeroom is a scale-up that develops the Xeroom plugin. This plugin is intended to link the two most popular systems for e-commerce and accounting – WooCommerce and Xero – enabling them to be seamlessly integrated. The main goal of this project was to develop new features for Xeroom so that it will stand out among its competitors. 


Our process & implementation

Our work on the project began with making detailed research of this niche. It was important to understand all the specifics that a plugin like Xeroom should cover. Luckily, our team has a background of more than 10 years with Inventory Management and Basic Accounting and this experience was a big plus for our collaboration. The general idea of the project was to include all the possible benefits WooCommerce and Xero could provide for small/medium businesses.

Similar plugins were already lagging behind Xeroom in terms of features and with the new set of improvements, Xeroom becomes the leader in the Xero to WooCommerce plugin industry.

Some of the key features we have developed for the plugin were:

→ Including an enhanced settings panel that adds useful settings for managing the Xero-WooCommerce communication
→ Adding inventory data synchronization between Xero and WooCommerce, for both product quantity as well as prices
→ Implementing the use of Xero or WooCommerce as the sync master (in case of sync conflicts, the master wins)
→ Integrating Automated Inventory sync which is performed automatically, without any human intervention
→ Systemizing tax breakdown by country or region and tax breakdown by tax type (standard, reduced, Xero)

In the process of development, we have given special attention to bug fixing and testing, as we were oriented towards the most functional result.

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