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Elementor Listable TalkJS WC Vendors Pro WooCommerce WP Job Manager

  • CLIENT REQUEST: Build a platform where musicians can connect with graphic designers to create album artwork content for their music projects
  • GOAL: Build the MelodyNest platform by using the best combination of technologies and plugins that will result in an intuitive and functional website

Melody Nest is a specialized freelance website created by an interdisciplinary collective of artists, musicians, coders, entrepreneurs, lawyers, marketers, and more based out of Oakland, CA. Established in 2018, Melody Nest functions as a platform for graphic designers, audio engineers, musicians, and vocalists to provide their professional services to help musicians and music producers build their careers. Melody Nest creates a specialized, original, and fundamentally creative business that changes the way musicians of all types navigate within the music industry.


Our process & implementation

The collaboration on this project is a great example of when the client’s business ideas meet our technical skills and experience. Having in mind a platform that will first gather music artists and designers under the same roof, the client needed a reliable technical partner for creating marketplace websites. This is where our contribution was needed, especially because — in the long term — the ambitions of the project included developing the platform for even more types of specialists (video editing, photo editing, logo design, clothing/merch design, and others).

Prior to proceeding with building the website, we had to decide what would be the best combination of technologies and plugins for this type of online platform. The Listable WordPress theme in combination with the WP Job Manager plugin was a perfect fit for the purposes of the project. Since the listings functionality was not completely compatible with a marketplace for artists out of the box, we’ve customized the theme. This way, the frontend forms and listing pages could include special fields where the users could upload their audio files. Also, on the frontend, we styled the listing blocks and integrated a custom waveform player to play the audio files uploaded by the artists.

The WC Vendors Pro plugin was the perfect solution so that the service providers could add and manage their products or services. Also, for a better user experience, we added notifications that would guide the user until a complete and valid listing would be added on the website.

We’ve also integrated the website with TalkJS so that the buyers and vendors could communicate with each other instantly and therefore, more efficiently.

With the latest version of the website being launched in September 2020, it would gather 1600+ users and 335+ listings. This only shows that such a platform is very useful and demanded in the music industry and the initial idea of the client has solved a problem in this niche.


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