Project Type
Gravity Forms

  • CLIENT INDUSTRY: E-commerce Physical Goods
  • CLIENT REQUEST: Back-end system for bulk modifying product options and variation prices
  • GOAL: Automate labor-intensive tasks

Kugelschreiber Express Service is a German online shop specialized in selling customizable pens. Given the variety of their products and the numerous customization options, they needed a solution on how to manage them on the backend, as well as to provide an easy ordering experience for their customers.


Our process & implementation

In the process of developing this project, we have worked with more than 100 Gravity Forms that contain the customization options for each product. This implies that each form contains conditional options that influence the final price of the order. For each product, the user can choose the number of pens, their color and the printing areas for the logo. At the same time, each type of pen uses specific printing techniques for the logo image. Depending on the chosen technique in combination with the other configurations, the price varies. Also, we took into account the advantages of bulk orders: higher quantities result in lower cost per piece.

Besides this, we have developed a custom dashboard for the shop managers so that they could easily change every product characteristic when needed. The changes can be applied by selecting the product from a drop-down list. Depending on the selected product, its options are loaded and ready to be modified. For example, one can change the available quantity for pens of a certain color or the types of printing available for that model.

On the backend, prices can be modified through some special tables divided according to the printing technique. Each table contains rows with the number of pens and columns with the corresponding number of printing colors. This allows modifying the prices across 100 forms easily and in a timely manner.

We’ve managed to provide a usable solution to both store managers and their customers. This way, the company can provide the express service stated by its domain name and slogan.

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