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Plugin Development
Email Marketing
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  • CLIENT INDUSTRY: Email monetization
  • CLIENT REQUEST: Develop a WordPress plugin that would integrate the inboxAds email monetization platform with various newsletter plugins. This plugin is an MVP of a future more developed version.
  • GOAL: Create a product that enables publishers to monetize email newsletters through the most popular WordPress newsletter plugins and provide it as a service.

inboxAds has become the most advanced email and newsletter monetization platform available today. Using the inboxAds solution, anyone who’s running a newsletter can monetize it in minutes and generate extra revenue.

Our process & implementation

The main goal of this project was to create an MVP in the form of a WordPress plugin that will create a custom inboxAds block. Eventually, this block would be available for integration with the top newsletter plugins on the WordPress market:
  • Mailster
  • Newsletter
  • ALO EasyMail Newsletter
  • SendPress Newsletters
  • MailPoet
This would help attract customers from an already contoured niche and help them to quickly monetize their emails using the inboxAds platform. With user experience in mind, we have shaped all the possible paths and created a functional and user-friendly product for all those who send out newsletters on their WordPress websites. Moreover, we managed to make the onboarding process for new clients as simple as possible.
Another key point was that the inboxAds plugin should be connected to the inboxAds system via API. This would eventually allow displaying real-time analytics about clicks and revenue.
Taking all this into account, our process started with analyzing the existing newsletter plugins and picking the top ones. This helped us have a better understanding of this niche and how inboxAds could be integrated with the plugins.
The next steps included drafting the product strategy and designing the user experience. We’ve also managed to come with a thorough description of the plugin features according to its lifecycle. This included:
— Installation – the plugin installation process
— Activation – plugin configuration via the inboxAds API
— Zone flow – configure the ad placement inside newsletters of MailPoet, Mailster, etc.
— Reporting – display the traffic and the revenue directly in the WordPress dashboard
Such detailed planning of the project allowed us to implement it in one single milestone and then test and deploy it.
As a result, we have delivered a robust WordPress plugin that integrates smoothly with the most popular newsletter plugins and works with the inboxAds API. Also, we took care of publishing the plugin in the WordPress repository.
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