Project Type
Google Sheets API Gravity Forms Mailgun

  • CLIENT INDUSTRY: Automotive / Car parts
  • CLIENT REQUEST: Simplify and automate the return flow of car parts
  • GOAL: Create an integrated Sales Return Plugin for WordPress with automated notification emails, PDF generation, and tracking.

Fred Beans Parts is an industry leader in selling and distributing automotive parts. Their platform is intended to provide customers with a wide inventory of car parts and make the ordering process as efficient as possible.


Our process & implementation

Prior to our involvement, the website was integrated with a lot of third-party tools — Gravity Forms, Google Sheets, Webmerge, MySQL database, Zapier — that were poorly integrated. This was interfering with the good functioning of the platform.

We have managed to clean everything up and improve the functionalities of the website for better user experience and automated processes for an enhanced business flow.

Our main goal with this project was to completely optimize the entire process of returning car parts. This was implemented by using Gravity Forms and a repeater system that allows customers to return multiple parts in the same return request. We made it possible for the customers to select the parts by entering only the invoice number. This resulted in a simplified returns process, without involving third-party platforms.

We have also created a custom backend management system for returns. This implies that the store manager is able to predefine a list of conditions that automatically decide if the return request is approved or not.  The system generates a PDF form with the return request and sends the form via email through Mailgun. All the return request details are then written in a Google Spreadsheet via API. Part data is automatically populated in the return form based on the customer invoice, making the process faster and error free.

As a result, we have achieved a completely automated process for approving and rejecting return requests. This has considerably helped speed up the process and simplify the business flow.

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