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  • Seeking a developer to finish customizing my Wordpress site and fix a few problems. The site is 90% done.

    Project Rating:

    Marius and his team have been wonderful to work with! I needed improvements done on a highly customized wordpress theme which they were able to do with ease. Their response time to my questions and feedback was always fast and they completed all project tasks on time and on budget. I highly recommend them!

    - Michael Mulhall, August 29 2018

  • I need to get my Restrict Content Pro plugin customized so that users need to enable an additional checkbox on the registration page of RCP.

    Project Rating:

    The work itself, the communication and the responsiveness are very professional, friendly and in summary: just perfect :)!

    - Felix Prosch, August 10 2018

  • Potential Partnership XWP - Codeable

    Project Rating:

    Marius is very professional, proactive, and prompt. His team is an asset to the WordPress community.

    - Lance Robbins, June 26 2018

  • Need Architecting & Scoping for Modular Content Blocks Content Website (Marius Vetrici)

    Project Rating:

    Had a great consultation with Marius and Andre. They helped me think about and scope out my project in real time, and brought up great questions and concepts I hadn't thought about.Great WordPress experts, and look forward to working with them.

    - Joe Robison, March 20 2019

  • Customizing Buddyboss Marketplace theme

    Project Rating:

    Very helpful. Thank you!Talk soon

    - Nicholas Voorhees, March 19 2019

  • Subscription

    Project Rating:

    Great, very informative and helpful

    - Martin Porter, March 15 2019

  • The images on my carousel are not centered and the tops are being cut off.

    Project Rating:

    - David Abadie, March 6 2019

  • Update Groupbuy plugin/product type to work with variable products

    Project Rating:

    - Lyall Brandon-Smith, March 5 2019

  • Wordpress site hosting transfer

    Project Rating:

    - Kyle Thomas, March 4 2019

  • Visual Composer

    Project Rating:

    - Andrew Manalo, February 27 2019

  • Customizing Job Board Plugin on a Staffing Site

    Project Rating:

    - Connor Thompson, February 25 2019

  • Add a new Merge Tag to gravity forms for use in Gravity PDF

    Project Rating:

    - Gill Bishop, February 22 2019

  • Listable Theme Customization

    Project Rating:

    Very Efficient and experience. Work very closely like a team

    - Lewis Lam, February 18 2019

  • Create a Freelance Writing Platform Based on WP

    Project Rating:

    - david kochanek, February 12 2019

  • Add an order confirmation popup before order placement

    Project Rating:

    - LEWIS HADAWAY, February 12 2019

  • wp theme customisation

    Project Rating:

    - amir akb, February 11 2019

  • Need to integrate GoCardless into an existing Wordpress site.

    Project Rating:

    - Michael Scherchen, January 31 2019

  • Display woocommerce categories in alphabetical order by last name

    Project Rating:

    The project was done on time, and to my specification. Thank you.

    - Mark Riley, January 31 2019

  • Migrate website from a virtual private server to a shared hosting server.

    Project Rating:

    This was a seamless experience, even when I wasn't 100% prepared all the time.

    - Guy van der Walt, January 31 2019

  • Essential Grid - Ajax Search [WooCommerce]

    Project Rating:

    Marius and Carmen were really professional and easy to work with. Marius did the task in no time and in an impeccable manner, meanwhile Carmen handled communication with me, never had to worry 'bout anything !!

    - Elijah Dushimimana, January 24 2019

  • Increase Frequency options and change link names Woocommerce Subscriptions

    Project Rating:

    - Majd Azar, January 21 2019

  • Hempindica: Addition of Text Field to WooCommerce Wordpress Site

    Project Rating:

    - Jessica O'Brien, January 11 2019

  • Addition of text field to WooCommerce Wordpress Site

    Project Rating:

    - Jessica O'Brien, January 8 2019

  • "Products for WP Job Manager" Plugin for Listable Theme, and Listable Theme Customization

    Project Rating:

    The team has so much patient on customer, willing to help and offer advise to customer, I have great user experience with the team, and they have done a great job on my project

    - Lewis Lam, December 24 2018

  • I need my Wordpress website (theme Listable) improved and improve aesthetics.

    Project Rating:

    Really helpful! Would definitely recommend

    - Rachelle Micallef, December 20 2018

  • Manual order amendment and customer approval plugin

    Project Rating:

    Excellent communication, accommodating to the requirements and any bugs/issues were resolved promptly and professionally.

    - Lyall Brandon-Smith, December 14 2018

  • WordPress Consultation

    Project Rating:

    Great work. Marius is very knowledgeable about all things Wordpress and is especially helpful in customizing your site to meet your exact needs. Will hire again!!

    - Christi Scofield, December 12 2018

  • Website for the Bureau of Small Projects

    Project Rating:

    Marius is the best expert on Codeable, you cannot go wrong using Marius to help you with your project!

    - Larry McLean, December 11 2018

  • Collections Website with two account types and specific calendar requirements

    Project Rating:

    Marius provided a very helpful initial meeting and helped clarify certain issues before the job started.

    - nigel mcilwaine, December 5 2018

  • I'm looking to create a social connection site similar to Reddit but on a smaller scale

    Project Rating:

    - Shane Khan, November 30 2018

  • I need couple of tasks done

    Project Rating:

    Very professional. Glad to find them

    - Alex Famize, November 28 2018

  • Ecommerce website. Customers make requests, see proposals. Providers share alerts with customers.

    Project Rating:

    Marius was helpful and on time.

    - Patrissia Rolle, November 27 2018

  • Migrate Website from Imagely template to WPZoom Inspiro

    Project Rating:

    - Paul Reiffer, November 26 2018

  • Rebuilding an existing web app

    Project Rating:

    - Leah Goeppinger, November 21 2018

  • Variation product phone case

    Project Rating:

    An excellent professional.

    - Igor Negromonte, November 21 2018

  • Create a Calculator for a Squarespace website

    Project Rating:

    Marius, Alex and team are fabulous to work with. Will hire again.

    - Christi Scofield, November 19 2018

  • Customise static HTML/PHP website (non Wordpress)

    Project Rating:

    - Tuomas Eskelinen, November 13 2018

  • WP Product Review Plugin customize (put review score on Featured images)

    Project Rating:

    - SOSHI ONODA, November 8 2018

  • Online training

    Project Rating:

    - Bill Williams, November 2 2018

  • Fix the search feature for Outward Bounds

    Project Rating:

    Because Marius is awesome and one of the best developers I have ever worked with.

    - Larry McLean, November 2 2018

  • QA and code review of plugin

    Project Rating:

    - Andrew Dunne, October 28 2018

  • Improve site speed

    Project Rating:

    - David Dorleans, October 26 2018

  • Customise price calculator for WooCommerce + performance optimisation of page

    Project Rating:

    Very good to work with Marius. Promt responses and good quality work and suggestions.

    - Per Christian Narum, October 25 2018

  • Making some changes to Scouting Report form you previously built

    Project Rating:

    - Kevin Alvarez, October 22 2018

  • WooCommerce Bookings

    Project Rating:

    - Dale Haynes, October 22 2018

  • Various

    Project Rating:

    - Joachim Latocha, October 20 2018

  • Popup registration process for two user types (integrated with linkedin)

    Project Rating:

    - Kevin Alvarez, October 18 2018

  • ADF Notification

    Project Rating:

    Fast responses and delivered ideal results. Made this lead integration process much easier and less stressful. Would highly recommend. Thank you again!

    - Rose McCally, October 15 2018

  • Ninja Forms / Dropbox customization for multiple dynamic directories

    Project Rating:

    Fantastic team of account reps and developers. Couldn't ask for a better team to work with! They understood our request with clarity and delivered customer service above and beyond! Thanks so much for your help!

    - Jessica O'Brien, October 10 2018

  • Ready to Rent website integration

    Project Rating:

    - Andrew Holeton, October 9 2018

  • YITH WooCommerce Uploads Premium customization

    Project Rating:

    It was a pleasure for me to work with Marius and Alex. They have done the job very quick and I'm really happy with the result.

    - Stephan Klemmer, October 8 2018

  • Estatik Plugin small customization

    Project Rating:

    - Nicolas Moncion, October 8 2018

  • Fix bugs

    Project Rating:

    - Joachim Latocha, October 8 2018

  • Improve site speed

    Project Rating:

    The communication was great as always. Marius and Alex are truly a pleasure to work with. They completed every task and answered every question as thoroughly as possible. I will definitely be using them again!

    - Michael Mulhall, October 3 2018

  • Customize and Fix Listable Theme

    Project Rating:

    Fabulous work by Marius and Alex. Excellent communication and quick turn around. Will definitely hire again.

    - Christi Scofield, October 3 2018

  • Site speed optimazations

    Project Rating:

    - Joachim Latocha, October 3 2018

  • Area multiplier

    Project Rating:

    They are great and will be working with them in the very near future

    - David Abadie, October 3 2018

  • Download Monitor - Gravity form extension enhancement

    Project Rating:

    - Kim Lloyd, September 28 2018

  • WordPress Theme with WooCommerce PayPal fixed

    Project Rating:

    First Class suggestions..executed the job..very professional. 5 Stars!

    - Andrew Turnbull, September 26 2018

  • Integration of elements (pictograms + google font ) to my theme

    Project Rating:

    - cécile polivka, September 24 2018

  • Finish WPML translation and redirection of Ultimate Member forms

    Project Rating:

    Great work all around. This project in particular ended up being trickier than expected, but they stuck with it and did a perfect job. Highly recommended.

    - Joe Hanley, September 20 2018

  • Customize Wordpress plugin

    Project Rating:

    Very fast service.

    - Daniel Arriaga, September 19 2018

  • Update Checkout Process on eCommerce Sites

    Project Rating:

    - Mike Statmore, September 19 2018

  • Gravity Forms Plugin

    Project Rating:

    Time zone may have made communication a bit staggered at times, but for the most part not bad.Dudes know how to code 😛

    - Clark Frye, September 19 2018

  • I need to make a same as participant information button

    Project Rating:

    - Ford Saeks, September 18 2018

  • I need a simple RSS feed set up for my product sharing website

    Project Rating:

    Marius and his team did incredible work on my site and set up my RSS feed exactly how I wanted it. I would highly recommend these guys.

    - David King, September 13 2018

  • Set up online job applications with WP Job Manager and Gravity Forms

    Project Rating:

    Great job, did everything exactly according to how we planned it out and within the promised timeframe. Was flexible with my requests to trim some things or do them a slightly different way to reduce the cost. Could not ask for more!

    - Greg Cox, September 13 2018

  • I need somone to help me with a Gravity form dynamic population

    Project Rating:

    I used Marius Vetrici to make some "rather big" improvements to my gravity forms. The service and speed on his end was perfect and even if he had to wait on me for a bit there was never a problem. I could not recommend him enough - and I will be using him and his team again.

    - Gudmund Kristjansson, September 13 2018

  • Wordpress Best Practices

    Project Rating:

    Fantastic call. Very knowledgeable. Will definitely hire again.

    - Christi Scofield, September 12 2018

  • Various

    Project Rating:

    - Joachim Latocha, September 11 2018

  • Listify theme, would like to show map only on a single category of listings

    Project Rating:

    - Mark Pratt, September 10 2018

  • Help Removing Script from Website

    Project Rating:

    - Bryan Brinton, September 10 2018

  • I just set up an SSL cert on my website. I need help to add a site map in Google search console.

    Project Rating:

    - Jason Szolomayer, September 10 2018

  • Create a Sales Return Plugin

    Project Rating:

    - Darren McGettigan, September 6 2018

  • Multiple vendor google calendar sync to existing listify and FacetWp project

    Project Rating:

    This team did amazing work. They understood my requirements exactly, started work immediately, were very responsive. I would use them again without hesitation!

    - Mark Pratt, September 3 2018

  • Customizations to Woocommerce & wordpress (genesis theme)

    Project Rating:

    Communication is professional, responsiveness was better than I expected. If there was a shortcoming in this relationship it was because I needed to better understand what the project was to ensure it was all covered in the cost. A challenge since I didn't fully understand the scope of what I was asking. It's a bit of a catch 22 when you think the job will be completed but it turns out there is more work (and additional cost) because I didn't know what I needed it in the first place. That said, Marius worked exceptionally hard to try to uncover all my needs beforehand to determine everything I wanted in order for him to provide the quote. I will be rehiring to make the last tweaks I require.

    - Pat Williams, August 31 2018

  • Toolbox for Woocommerce Subscriptions, limit customer billing interval choices.

    Project Rating:

    Proffessional and responsive.

    - Majd Azar, August 31 2018

  • Wordpress Best Practices Consultation - Listable Theme Experience & Strong Fluency in English Preferred

    Project Rating:

    Marius was fabulous! He answered all of my questions and really made me feel comfortable with the tasks I needed to do on my site.

    - Christi Scofield, August 29 2018

  • Need Two Things

    Project Rating:

    - Paul Sanchietti, August 27 2018

  • non WP-project - backoffice

    Project Rating:

    Marius has very clear in his explanations. Very Good communication. Thank you

    - Thibault Guerpillon, August 23 2018

  • FIX: Site migration broke a hover effect on a grid of logos.

    Project Rating:

    Marius asked the right questions to understand the problem and did a completely professional job with a fast turnaround.

    - Dimitry Chamy, August 23 2018

  • Gravity Forms Custom Error Notification

    Project Rating:

    - Darren McGettigan, August 22 2018

  • Test Project for XWP.

    Project Rating:

    - Lance Robbins, August 21 2018

  • Improve styling of our custom checkout made by another developer

    Project Rating:

    - Joachim Latocha, August 20 2018

  • ACF Gallery customization

    Project Rating:

    - Paule Jorrot, August 17 2018

  • Customization and Integration of Formidable Forms and Event Espresso

    Project Rating:

    - George Plumley, August 14 2018

  • Replace reference number with name or username

    Project Rating:

    - Nejc Jerala, August 14 2018

  • allow wishlist button to appear even if item cannot be purchased.

    Project Rating:

    Good work, done speedily, thanks.

    - Mark Riley, August 7 2018

  • Need to add additional widget area to theme

    Project Rating:

    Great job in understanding what I needed.

    - Gerardo Viera, August 6 2018

  • Implement Custom Section within Woocommerce My Accounts

    Project Rating:

    Completed task as specified. Good to work with.

    - Dan Fellars, August 2 2018

  • Add on for website

    Project Rating:

    - Oliver Goebel, August 2 2018

  • Contact form not sending working and is not sending email. Need fixed asap

    Project Rating:

    Marius had very good communication and did great job. He gave me great tips on how to fix my problem and the solution is way better than I had thought about before and it didn't cost me anything extra. I am coming back with new job tomorrow 🙂

    - Akil Asghar, August 1 2018

  • Design a Donate button next to the menu, especially for the mobile view.

    Project Rating:

    Overall, it was a great experience.

    - Jason Szolomayer, August 1 2018

  • EDD round down all prices (no decimal in prices)

    Project Rating:

    Marius and Alex have done a very fine job. Working together was easy and swift. The final result is a neat lightweight piece of code. Working with them is highly recommended.

    - Luzi Gantenbein, July 31 2018

  • Woocommerce theme modifications as per call

    Project Rating:

    - Joachim Latocha, July 30 2018

  • need to display price and description outside the product image

    Project Rating:

    I was very satisfied with the job done!

    - cécile polivka, July 30 2018

  • Visible Sub-Categories on right side each country of each continent

    Project Rating:

    - Andreas Drasch, July 27 2018

  • Add a custom field (referral email) to an existing custom post type. Use this new field to dynamically change Contact Form 7 recipient.

    Project Rating:

    - David Lindop, July 25 2018

  • Add Map Marker to mobile navigation of existing site theme

    Project Rating:

    The team was very responsive and quick to complete the task. I plan to work with them again in the future.

    - Ron Spohn, July 23 2018

  • buddypress profile nav link -> javascript popup form with information specific to that user

    Project Rating:

    great work!

    - Kevin Alvarez, July 23 2018

  • I need a plugin that allows a website visitor to compile multiple PDFs of their choosing from around the website into one downloadable PDF

    Project Rating:

    - Matthew Aubie, July 12 2018

  • Theme/Woocommerce template files edited to reproduce functionality of old site on a new one

    Project Rating:

    The project was completed as expected, and the responsiveness of the pre-sales communication was so fast that perhaps I was a little disappointed at the speed of the execution. Overall I'm very satisfied.

    - Mark Riley, July 9 2018

  • learndash CSV

    Project Rating:

    - christophe Barthe, June 29 2018

  • Fixing issue

    Project Rating:

    Amazing!! Hope to work with you soon again!

    - Christian Lenk, June 28 2018

  • I need some customization to a premium WP theme

    Project Rating:

    Great experience overall. The time difference was a bit much at times, but the job was completed accurately!

    - Ronda Reid-Mohammed, June 26 2018

  • Discussion about last small fixes to get new website fully functional

    Project Rating:

    - Joachim Latocha, June 18 2018

  • Custom plugin to update ACF Repeater fields for all of a custom post type records at once

    Project Rating:

    Really good work and on time.

    - Brett Cohen, June 15 2018

  • I need the payment widget for a plugin to be customised to look more modern

    Project Rating:

    Great. Reads instructions carefully and understands them thoroughly before messaging, so I did not have to repeat myself to get my request across. Job done to perfection.

    - LEWIS HADAWAY, June 8 2018

  • Hestia, admin and date in the posts

    Project Rating:

    - Ingo Kügler, June 6 2018

  • GDPR Privacy policy updates

    Project Rating:

    - Hayley Quinn, June 1 2018

  • Wordpress/woocom: Variable product page WPML fix

    Project Rating:

    - Joachim Latocha, May 29 2018

  • I need my wordpress website to have two forms that connected to some users dashboards.

    Project Rating:

    Marius and his team are very professional, patient, very fast. and the important thing is THEY DO EXCATLY WHAT ARE YOU ASKING FOR. I'm glad to work with them, and this is not going to be the last time for sure.

    - Aziz Alza, May 22 2018

  • development

    Project Rating:

    - Thomas Vandromme, May 18 2018

  • Adapting Category and Product Pages content and functionality based on the users GeoLocation

    Project Rating:

    The work was completed as per the brief, on time, and with fast responses to ay queries.

    - Erica Wakerly, May 16 2018

  • responsive layout: display products on 2 columns on smartphone(normally its 1)

    Project Rating:

    Marius and his team are brilliant.It didn't take long for him to understand what I wanted to sort out. Though it was my first time to work on this platform, all were smooth and cool. So overall I am really happy with his work. Thanks Marius!

    - Soichiro Kimura, May 3 2018

  • Need a new post type created for my custom built website

    Project Rating:

    - Jordan White, April 30 2018

  • Need buttons on a mobile page to match what is on desktop

    Project Rating:

    Great experience... Only "frustration" is the time zone difference which cannot be helped. Just a heads up to future people in the US who hire Marius, know he and his team are not the US. But his team obviously works very hard to communicate and get things done in their waking hours!Would definitely hire Marius again!

    - Jordan White, April 30 2018

  • WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing on Item Page

    Project Rating:

    Work was completed exactly as we had hoped, and very quickly.

    - Kenny Kiskis, April 30 2018

  • voice talent search with WooCommerce free & emailable checkout

    Project Rating:

    A wonderful experience!

    - Jay Walton, April 27 2018

  • Marketplace for hair and beauty services

    Project Rating:

    - Louis-Vadim Perret, April 26 2018

  • Website Speed Optimization

    Project Rating:

    - Rocky Reidel, April 16 2018

  • Need help to understand if I should use a time & materials or a fixed price approach?

    Project Rating:

    - Emily P., April 13 2018

  • CSS code for some adjustment on wordpress theme

    Project Rating:

    Marius and his team are simply the best! Every time! 🙂 They don't quite until you are completely satisfied! I will never choose any other!

    - Peter Larsson, March 21 2018

  • sell side plugin

    Project Rating:

    Very good.

    - Joshua Mullineaux, March 19 2018

  • Transfer of product tool from wp-ecommerce to woo commerce platform

    Project Rating:

    Fast and efficient service. They took there time to identify what I required and executed it perfectly.

    - Graeme Dingwall, March 19 2018

  • custom checkout process for woocommerce site

    Project Rating:

    Excellent communication and end result. The end result is exactly what we discussed and outlined.

    - Joshua Mullineaux, February 21 2018

  • WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options plugin customization

    Project Rating:

    - Van Tyler, February 14 2018

  • 2 colums checkout

    Project Rating:

    Excellent service, Fast and did a great job

    - TAG Dee, February 2 2018

  • Remove product price and "buy now" after purchase

    Project Rating:

    Marius knows his stuff and provides a very efficient service. Very happy to give him a 5 star rating.

    - Joe Coll, January 23 2018

  • Add addition post formats

    Project Rating:

    Marius did a great job. He was very detailed oriented. Excellent quality.

    - Brett Pinegar, January 10 2018

  • Wordpress Plugin Development

    Project Rating:

    - Peter Lloyd, January 9 2018

  • Several Wordpress / WooCommerce / Drip Tasks

    Project Rating:

    - Dannie Evans, December 21 2017

  • Gravity Forms customizations

    Project Rating:

    - Tobias Linke, November 8 2017

  • WooCommerce - Drip Integration/Customization

    Project Rating:

    - Dannie Evans, October 26 2017

  • Price Calculator

    Project Rating:

    - Tobias Linke, October 16 2017

  • Help and suggestions on how to solve minor issues in WP Avada solution

    Project Rating:

    - Tine Friis, October 12 2017

  • WordPress/WooCommerce Opt-in Form (, Free Member Registration On-Site Flow

    Project Rating:

    Marius worked with me on requirements initially and throughout the project to ensure we got to a positive outcome in the end. The work he and his team delivered met all my expectations and I plan to do more projects with Marius in the future.

    - Dannie Evans, October 11 2017

  • Sending Information from woo commerce bookings to Zapier

    Project Rating:

    - Lisa Mee, October 4 2017

  • Cloning my site

    Project Rating:

    - Lisa Mee, October 2 2017

  • Create "shipping date" custom field for Woocommerce store based on delivery date and shipping method

    Project Rating:

    - Mireille Dionne, September 27 2017

  • Add A Scheduling Calendar To Gravity Forms And Format The Post That Is Generated - Book Barbarian

    Project Rating:

    Everything works correctly. Great job!

    - Will Turnage, September 20 2017

  • Fix image display from woo commerce shop on my site

    Project Rating:

    Marius and his team have been really helpful and completed the work on time and in budget

    - Lisa Mee, September 19 2017

  • Install Jobify and import existing jobs

    Project Rating:

    Marius has been very patient and extremely professional whilst carrying out work on my Wordpress site.I highly recommend.

    - Philip Voice, September 11 2017

  • I want a button to become a drop down menu and tooltips added to some thumbnails.

    Project Rating:

    He and his team completed the task to my specifications quickly. He also made changes I didn't foresee with the original request to get everything just right.

    - Steven Murphy, August 7 2017

  • Gravity Forms tasks

    Project Rating:

    - Jarle Bergersen, August 2 2017

  • Listable Theme Customizations with Woocommerce integration

    Project Rating:

    - Jay & Mike, July 21 2017

  • Create new theme for Wordpress website OR clean up plugins and revise with existing theme

    Project Rating:

    I wanted a consult with an expert who could guide me in decisions regarding an outdated and poorly structured website. Marius exceeded my expectations. He listened well and was very organized in his approach. His ethical values lined up with our company's values. I had spent much time looking for the person who was right to advise me. Marius had a great combination of technical expertise and the human touch. It was good to have someone sort through my frustrations with website design and hosting. He was perfect for this consult.

    - Martha Cranford, June 26 2017

  • I need to customize gravity form

    Project Rating:

    Good job in time thank you !

    - L Dillon Corneck, May 31 2017

  • Hi Marius - we'd like to replace the PD pop-up dialogue box from the checkout / Rx area to instead pop out the attached PDF.

    Project Rating:

    - Joe Taylor, May 25 2017

  • Drip Sync + Restrict Content Pro

    Project Rating:

    Thanks for helping me again. Great work!

    - Joseph Sellers, May 19 2017

  • Build a dashboard using wp job manager for 4 sites.

    Project Rating:

    Great to work with!

    - Health Carousel, May 4 2017

  • Customization and Plugin Integration of Listable theme by Pixlegrade

    Project Rating:

    Attentive, knowledgeable and quick. Thank you!

    - Ashley Belliveau, April 27 2017

  • Change "Cards view" to "Map view" as default listing in "Listable" theme

    Project Rating:

    Very good consultant. Understands and ask into business needs. Able to suggest multiple solutions fast. Very nice to talk to and very good communication skills. Will hire again.

    - Anders Christensen, April 14 2017

  • Customize the WP Job Manager Plugin to meet design needs.

    Project Rating:

    Marius has gone above and beyond in all he has done to make sure my projects are done on time and within budget. He is great to work with and great at troubleshooting any problem I give him.

    - Health Carousel, April 7 2017

  • - Minor Modification required on wordpress theme. Nothing too big

    Project Rating:

    very good and professional work! has good english communication skills and very easy to work with.

    - Emmanuel DeGiovanni, March 27 2017

  • Website Updates and Fixes - 1

    Project Rating:

    Great work, delivered on time. Quick and clear communication. A very pleasant experience.

    - Domnik Mack, March 24 2017

  • Need to add a form to Wordpress eCommerce checkout and update some product detail pages

    Project Rating:

    Marius was great and took the time to understand not just what we needed but why. He was very fast and patient with our revisions. Highly recommend!

    - Joe Taylor, March 18 2017

  • I need a plugin to sync WordPress users to Drip by role.

    Project Rating:

    Thank you! You did a great job.

    - Joseph Sellers, March 14 2017

  • I need a custom theme and child based off existing graphics/HTML mockup

    Project Rating:

    - Michael Prete, February 28 2017

  • h2h site edits

    Project Rating:

    - mark misenheimer, February 21 2017

  • Add graphics image header to main page.

    Project Rating:

    Excellent job adding header image to top of blog page. Very pleased with the work.

    - Jeffrey Dach, February 14 2017

  • Navigation

    Project Rating:

    - Ryan Sheldon, February 12 2017

  • CSS customization not working across all major browsers.

    Project Rating:

    - Lawrence Didona, February 2 2017

  • Hi Marius, I need to change a small think on the contact form. Please contact me and I would give you further details.Thanks

    Project Rating:

    Outstanding as always!

    - Jose Maria Gonzalez, January 31 2017

  • Productize Service Setup With WordPress Multisite

    Project Rating:

    It was great talking to Marius. He knows what he's talking about and carefully answered every question I had.

    - Bart Jacobs, January 31 2017

  • Add filestack to my wordpress themes add listing form.

    Project Rating:

    Marius and his team offered lot’s of advice on how to solve the problem I wanted to solve. I would work with again.

    - Sam Joel, January 27 2017

  • 1 hour consultation on website upgrade

    Project Rating:

    - Domnik Mack, January 26 2017

  • New Year Overhaul For Your WordPress Website Or eCommerce Store - Peter Larsson

    Project Rating:

    Very caring nice and fast service! 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

    - Peter Larsson, January 23 2017

  • Set up personal logins for individual customers. Set up a fillable application that is able to be saved.

    Project Rating:

    - Kristin Cluka, January 5 2017

  • Looking to have the design of my website header updated.

    Project Rating:

    Excellent job overall. Great communication and knowledgable of our needs.

    - Dan Callahan, December 9 2016

  • I am using avada theme, and I want to order the Recent Posts element in ascending order on some pages.

    Project Rating:

    Marius was terrific to work with. We had an extremely tight deadline and I never used Codeable before. Marius swept in within not minutes, but SECONDS of me posting the issue. 24 hours later the issue is solved. He's amazing, and I hope we get to work together again.

    - Emilio Arocho, November 30 2016

  • Plugin acceptance tests

    Project Rating:

    - Steve Henty, November 30 2016

  • More logic for Formidable Forms

    Project Rating:

    - Jessica Barbu, November 29 2016

  • We need a plugin to display a set of pdf documents (Manager mode). We need get the documents with a call to our API

    Project Rating:

    Marius always helps to solve the tasks with a very professional point of view

    - lb 20, November 29 2016

  • I need a plugin for wordpress or a tool to create a kind of masonry magazine style like here.

    Project Rating:

    Everything great.... Great person, great quality, great response! All great! thanks

    - Jeffrey Kastenmüller, November 22 2016

  • My wordpress plugin functions has stopped working

    Project Rating:

    Outstanding !

    - Jose Maria Gonzalez, November 16 2016

  • Install WP RSS Aggregator plugin and its add-ons and Post new emails on Gmail to an RSS feed.

    Project Rating:

    Great GREAT !!

    - Ed Broyhill, November 10 2016

  • Need help creating a slideshow feature

    Project Rating:

    - Stephanie Gerber, November 10 2016

  • Formidable Pro conditional logic

    Project Rating:

    Always a pleasure to work with!

    - Jessica Barbu, November 2 2016

  • Needs product description and product short text to switch place (program vise)

    Project Rating:

    Did an excellent job at a very short time!

    - Rebecca Alexis, October 31 2016

  • Modify a plugin to connect to other database

    Project Rating:

    Marius and his team fantastic as always, have supported us at all times to defend the project

    - lb 20, October 27 2016

  • Customization of Category display page (Business Directory Plugin)

    Project Rating:

    Professional, on time, friendly and effective. Definitely would recommend Marius and his team.

    - Iwan Pieterse, October 20 2016

  • Moving form and putting up Google Play and App Store icons that link to app page

    Project Rating:

    Great to work with, thorough, communicative and fast. I would most certainly hire again.

    - Jessica Barbu, October 19 2016

  • Front end work for DharmaSun seminar integration and linking it to the back-end through the functions that Giulio Daprela will provide.

    Project Rating:

    Job was done in a timely manner, good communications!

    - Michael Eisenbach, October 17 2016

  • WooCommerce customization: minimum purchase quantities and rules to enable checkout

    Project Rating:

    Marius is an efficient and responsive communicator and did a great job building a custom WooCommerce plugin in a timely fashion.

    - James Heaney, October 14 2016

  • 1. Create a custom subscription tool for our customers 2. Create a guide/guideline for our customers in our online store.

    Project Rating:

    Great experience so far!

    - Philipp Wälti, October 11 2016

  • Get my working dev site custom page template working on my live site.Both Dev & Live are hosted on Pantheon with Genesis Executive Pro theme

    Project Rating:

    - Chris Crabtree, October 6 2016

  • New fields added

    Project Rating:

    Spot on!!!

    - David Vilchez, October 3 2016

  • make a plugin to check if user exists previously in our database with our API

    Project Rating:

    excellent work, we like work with Marius 🙂

    - lb 20, October 2 2016

  • Looking for a Designer/Developer who has very strong WordPress experience with the Listify theme from Designer/developer w

    Project Rating:

    - Mark Dutton, September 30 2016

  • WooCommerce Stock "Adjust" Function

    Project Rating:

    Wonderful solution to the problem. Quick and professional work. Great experience!

    - J @ The Cheerful Vet, September 29 2016

  • WP Job Manager with Applications add-on: customize the Applications email with job-specific information (response automation)

    Project Rating:

    This was the first time I worked with Marius and team, and I’m very happy with the outcome. Their approach was very thorough with great attention to detail. The plugin they created works great. Pleasant people to deal with all around. Recommend!

    - Helen Rubtsov, September 27 2016

  • We need a plugin to display a set of pdf documents. We need get the documents with a call to our API

    Project Rating:

    He was an outstanding professional. Marius has good communication and great capacity for work

    - lb 20, September 27 2016

  • I need one of the pages in my Wordpress website duplicated (plugin already installed) and the Stripe module updated with new account info.

    Project Rating:

    Very quick, great communication. Knows his stuff and is a pleasure to work with.

    - Patrick Evans, September 26 2016

  • placing a widget in the header

    Project Rating:

    Marius is one of my best experiences in working online on projects. He is very fast, great communication and he gives great advice. The product is outstanding, I like to work with Marius on more projects soon.

    - Oscar Buurkes, September 23 2016

  • custom made real estate listing website.

    Project Rating:

    A great discussion with Marius. Nailed down every single aspect of my project.

    - Jayanth De Alwis, September 20 2016

  • Change Layout of Project Page

    Project Rating:

    Awesome job... timely and looks beautiful.

    - Kathy Erickson, September 19 2016

  • I need to customize the layout of custom fields in my directory theme for custom post type, for every post.

    Project Rating:

    He did a very good job and was very responsive to my needs..

    - Rick Hultz, September 9 2016

  • Need help with woocommerce subscription/membership plugin

    Project Rating:

    His custom plugin worked perfectly as we asked for.

    - Andrew Manalo, September 7 2016

  • Hi there,We need to customize our woo-commerce plugin thank you page. Also we would like to change a few thing of our website

    Project Rating:

    Marius is a great asset to his company. If he says he can do something, he can do it.

    - Jose Maria Gonzalez, September 5 2016

  • Change website theme and help to set up membership site.

    Project Rating:

    Marius is thorough and considered. I know have enough information to take this project forward to the next stage.

    - Line Hilton, September 2 2016

  • I need an estimator/calculator created for customers to utilize on our company website.

    Project Rating:

    - Kristin Cluka, September 2 2016

  • JW player incompatibility with Safari webbrowser, JW player adding of subtitle function, remember status of user in LearnDash

    Project Rating:

    Another task well done by WPriders team. Anytime again!

    - Michael Eisenbach, September 1 2016

  • I am working on a Multi-Language site using Japanese and English and i need assistance setting up WPML.

    Project Rating:

    Marius helped us quickly and took care of a major issue behind the scenes that we didn't even know we had. He has sent us a few proposals and was very insightful in the process. Will definitely go back to him when i have questions over my head when it comes to the nitty gritty of wordpress. Thanks again Marius!

    - Kris Aguero, August 30 2016

  • Development of a suite of acceptance tests

    Project Rating:

    Great work.

    - Steve Henty, August 30 2016

  • I'd like to have certain products show a "Hazardous Material" icon so customers know it will affect shipping costs

    Project Rating:

    - Dan Callahan, August 26 2016

  • Need to create a super simple "coming soon" page on a newly installed wordpress theme. Design is already finished

    Project Rating:

    - Maddie Nieman, August 11 2016

  • Create a plugin that alerts visitors by email when new WP Job Manager listings are posted

    Project Rating:

    Great Work!

    - Brennen Bliss, July 27 2016

  • Slight tweak to existing wordpress theme/coding

    Project Rating:

    - Jessamyn Dukes, July 27 2016

  • Would it be possible to pass the data from a Gravity form and pre populate the billing details form fields at checkout

    Project Rating:

    Very good one of the best on Codeable, Definitely have to work again on more projects... Chris

    - Chris Peck, July 22 2016

  • Any changes to .htaccess is reverted by the server or some plugin after a few seconds

    Project Rating:

    - Tobias Christian Jensen, July 21 2016

  • Couple of customizations needed for WooCommerce Cart and Checkout pages. I am using the Avada Wordpress theme from

    Project Rating:

    Great communication, sensible solutions and quick turn around.

    - John Ward, July 18 2016

  • Need diff implementation of version 1.8.8 of Sensei code

    Project Rating:

    Fantastic work Marius!! Can't wait to continue this project.

    - Martin Mascarenas, July 13 2016

  • Need WooCommerce Site Finished

    Project Rating:

    Marius and his team did an excellent job on my first project with them. They were eager to understand the project fully before starting, and did a great job scoping the project to alleviate issues down the road and save time. Project was completed efficiently and on time. Look forward to working with Marius again!

    - Austin Hudspeth, July 13 2016

  • Need to Redirect A log In from email confirmation to a specific page. Right now, there are 5 steps and we want 1 step.

    Project Rating:

    Marius is professional, does work on time, and communicates well. He did everything he said he was going to do. I'm impressed! Thanks Marius.

    - Matt Gray, July 12 2016

  • Customize search results page, customize search thumbnails, sort search results.

    Project Rating:

    Marius is a pleasure to work with. Accurate, smart, fast and takes real responsibility on getting the job done. Definitely five stars.

    - Marc Bakker, July 8 2016

  • Duplicate the work done on for a new site.

    Project Rating:

    I've worked with Marius for 5 different jobs now across several websites and he and his team (Camelia and others) keep getting better and better. This last task was completed correctly the first time, with no revisions, and faster than any previous job. Well done!

    - Will Turnage, July 1 2016

  • Flatsome Theme WooCommerce Single Product Page Customisation

    Project Rating:

    - Peter Griffyn, June 30 2016

  • I need an ability to click a product name/SKU and have the image pop up.

    Project Rating:

    Marius was a pleasure to work with, and I will be requesting his assistance in the future. Very organized, great time management, and excellent communication skills.

    - Dan Callahan, June 22 2016

  • woocommerce product bug needs fixing

    Project Rating:

    Fast work and easy to communicate with.

    - Travis Bennett, June 17 2016

  • Duplicate the work done on for a new site.

    Project Rating:

    Marius and his team did another excellent job.

    - Will Turnage, June 15 2016

  • i need to have the scheme markup for my wordpress site which uses the Avada theme

    Project Rating:

    The team did a lot of research on the project requirements, they were patient and handled the project professionally. I would recommend them.

    - sowmya acharya, May 17 2016

  • Add a scheduling calendar to Gravity Forms and format the post that is generated

    Project Rating:

    Marius and his team did an excellent job and finished my project right on time. I'd be happy to work with him again.

    - Will Turnage, April 30 2016

  • Stage 1 of IndustryPro Dashboard System for

    Project Rating:

    Excellent! As we all know there are always obsticles to overcome in the client/developer relationship... communication, comprehending designs & fuctionality, UX, etc. Not with Marius. His communication, focus & comprehension of my project design and goals was spot on. He instantly grasped the "Big Picture" and help me make a plan to achieve it. Marius' straightforward style addresses the issues head on without wasting time or money. I look forward to many future projects with Marius.

    - Greg Deuser, April 26 2016

  • Modification to WP Job Manager

    Project Rating:

    Marius is outstanding to work with. Timely communication and adhered exactly to documentation for project. Will continue to engage for future enhancements.

    - John Pacchetti, April 21 2016

  • Customization to Make theme header area

    Project Rating:

    Marius is an experienced professional who delivers great quality work, and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

    - Krista Gonzalez, April 20 2016

  • Front End Advanced Custom Fields Repeater Functionality.

    Project Rating:

    Marius worked quickly from asking questions about the project to answering questions about it. He then delivered the finished the product on time to agreed upon expectations. Reliable and competent.

    - Rocky Brown, April 18 2016

  • Create a Custom Wordpress Post from a Gravity Forms Submission

    Project Rating:

    Mariu did a great job, and is a pleasure to work with.

    - Will Turnage, April 5 2016

  • Adapt Events Calendar Pro plug-in to represent my Wordpress theme style

    Project Rating:

    Great communication, great output, will be working with Marius again.

    - Michael Goulden, April 1 2016

  • Email Template redesign! Mailchimp/mandrill

    Project Rating:

    I thoroughly enjoyed working with Marius, he delivered professional work in a timely manner with clear communication and professional input throughout the duration of the task. Many thanks for your great work Marius. Highly recommended!

    - Ian Garvie, March 24 2016

  • Adding Value to Featured Image Caption in WP RSS Aggregator

    Project Rating:

    Absolute professional, great work, sets appropriate expectations.

    - Robert Mann, March 21 2016

  • Setup Location-Aware Detection

    Project Rating:

    It was a pleasure to work with Marius, he is professional, patient, and a hard worker. I will definitely continue working with him in the future.

    - Tom Pischel, March 15 2016

  • Add a scheduling calendar to Gravity Forms

    Project Rating:

    Marius did a great job. Everything is working correctly. Marius even had a very smart suggestion for another problem as well. I highly recommend him.

    - Will Turnage, February 29 2016

  • exchange captcha and texts translation of 2 form error Avada Theme

    Project Rating:

    Thank you Marius

    - Carina Jäger, February 17 2016

  • Website customizing

    Project Rating:

    I had a great experience working with Marius. Will definitely do future projects with him! Thanks!

    - Carina Jäger, February 9 2016

  • Masonry sorted alphabetically

    Project Rating:

    - Jens Balle, February 3 2016

  • There are some glitches in a child theme (meetup) that one of your coders created for me (Marius Vetrici)

    Project Rating:

    Efficient and friendly as ever. Thanks so much.

    - Micky Robinson, January 29 2016

  • Custom Plugin for Adding Inventory

    Project Rating:

    - Tim Barnes, January 28 2016

  • Create Widget as a shortcode. If time, remove "It's only fair to share" and replace with new line. If no time will create new task

    Project Rating:

    - Jancie Davis, January 26 2016

  • Hamburger menu added to site. Needs to have different menu options on every page.

    Project Rating:

    Marius did a great job for me and his communication was excellent. He understood what I wanted and delivered quickly. He added value by giving me a clean and portable solution. I recommend him highly and I will definitely be using him again in the future. Joff Lowson Bristol UK

    - Joff Lowson, January 18 2016

  • Translate words in (theme)site that remain translated after updates.

    Project Rating:

    Worked perfectly fine. Did the job quickly and according to our expectations.

    - Jelle Drijver, January 18 2016

  • New page layout.

    Project Rating:

    Marius is a great team partner. He has helped me a lot. He listens to my ideas and then helps me work through them so we get the best most efficient site possible.

    - Jancie Davis, January 7 2016

  • I need help with a wordpress Premium Press theme.

    Project Rating:

    Excellent work. I will be using this person again.

    - Peter V, December 29 2015

  • Content Management System

    Project Rating:

    - Dan C, December 29 2015

  • I need a logo increased in size and a slider fix on a theme

    Project Rating:

    Marius was really attentive and made sure the job was done to a high standard.

    - Sam Gilbert, December 21 2015

  • I need to migrate from a subfolder to the main folder. Spanish based provider

    Project Rating:

    Marius is very professional. Everything was done meeting the tight deadline that I had. Smooth conversation, smooth process, excellent job. Thanks Marius and looking forward to collaborate again.

    - gabriele vigne, December 17 2015

  • I need the WordPress theme "Jobify" customized

    Project Rating:

    Marius is a perfect developer to work with because he also posses great communication skills as well as the ability to see features from a business perspective. I look forward to using him in the future as our main developer.

    - Green Dealflow, December 17 2015

  • Create landing page with online fillable form to email in wordpress website

    Project Rating:

    Marius is great working with. He responds very fast, is proffesional and has good developer scales. Will work with him again in the future.

    - John van Vroenhoven, November 30 2015

  • Customisations for WordPress theme Zerif Pro. - Teampictures as rectangle instead of circles - Mouseover-Effect - 3 additional Features

    Project Rating:

    If you need a professional - choose Marius. He will deal all your web problems. Thx again. 🙂

    - Stephan Huth, November 28 2015

  • Quote Tool Update

    Project Rating:

    Thanks to Marius once again for a great job!

    - Ryan Flaherty, November 25 2015

  • We want to put our website into 3 languages.

    Project Rating:

    Top notch! Marius was very helpful in creating what we wanted and teaching us how to use the system. Very satisfied. Thanks so much.

    - Alissa Stern, October 31 2015

  • Burger Menu on larger screens

    Project Rating:

    Marius,Many Thanks for the outstanding work and your extra mile gone in this project!Cheers, Elbnetz

    - Thorsten || Elbnetz, October 30 2015

  • Custom icons in menu and custom fonts for headings and paragraphs.

    Project Rating:

    Marius made a great job. - Fast - Reliable - Effective I'm closing the task and opening another one with him.

    - Henrique Carvalho, October 26 2015

  • Redesign a multi-site for a large non-profit

    Project Rating:

    It has been a wonderful and refreshing experience to work with Marius. He is a true professional who happens to be an expert at Wordpress too! He managed to simplify a fairly complex project and has been very effective and responsive in communicating the progress. I will be collaborating with him again for future projects and highly recommend him to anyone needing Wordpress support.

    - Sana Tayeb, October 21 2015

  • Insert/update custom posts from non-WP json feed on a daily basis

    Project Rating:

    Marius did an excellent job creating a scheduled import of custom posts from a (non WP) json feed. He was quick in understanding, good in communicating and delivered well within the set timeframe.We are already discussing the next job...Highly recommendable!

    - Paul Vollebregt, October 13 2015

  • Customize form

    Project Rating:

    - Daniel Lerner, October 7 2015

  • Make advancements to our site

    Project Rating:

    Excellent. Smart. Fast. A true partner in the process.

    - Jancie Davis, October 3 2015

  • I need the default password protection text to also have links to other pages.

    Project Rating:

    This is my second time working with Marius! He continues to be responsive and attentive to our needs. Excellent communication and extremely fast turn-around times ensure that I will continue to work with Marius!

    - Eduardo Franco, September 23 2015

  • Private portfolio with login form and recaptcha

    Project Rating:

    Marius wrote a plugin to get the job done for my site. It works cleanly and efficiently. I am very happy. Further, he speaks flawless English which makes communication easier.

    - Julie Myers, September 23 2015

  • I would like to create a lightbox image gallery in a page in my MeetUp themed WP site. Can anyone help me please?

    Project Rating:

    - Micky Robinson, September 22 2015

  • I need to change the font throughout one MeetUp themed site into a brand's own font - is this possible?

    Project Rating:

    Really helpful - had a 1.5 hour split screen phone training session as well. Thank you Marius!

    - Micky Robinson, September 22 2015

  • I need my Wordpress site updated to a more warmer and friendlier color/font scheme.

    Project Rating:

    Marius communicated with me every step of the way. The task was done in a timely manner and improved the look and feel of my website the way I needed it to look.

    - Rian DuRose, September 17 2015

  • I have some small customizations needed for

    Project Rating:

    Super good service

    - Oskar Törnmarck, September 2 2015

  • Redirect URL - Your Cart is Currently Empty - 'Return to Shop'

    Project Rating:

    Quick and efficient! Extremely pleased to work with Marius. He knew exactly what we wanted and completed the task in no time! Thank you Marius - will be back for more...

    - BRENDA ROY, September 1 2015

  • I need my Wordpress site moved to a new host

    Project Rating:

    Marius is a great communicator. He gets the work done exactly as needed and is a pleasure to work with.

    - Matthew Davies, August 20 2015

  • Woo Commerce checkout page layout/functionality fix

    Project Rating:

    Marius is great to work with, very prompt, professional and just gets the job done 🙂

    - Vitaly Druchinin, August 14 2015

  • Customizing the Gravity Forms 'entry limit' feature to limit submissions based upon a form value as opposed to form submissions.

    Project Rating:

    Thank to Marius our last-minute customization went much better than expected! His communication and flexibility is top notch. Even with a large time difference, there was daily communication. We where kept up to speed on every aspect of the project thanks to Marius!

    - Eduardo Franco, July 30 2015

  • Create form using Product Categories and custom fields

    Project Rating:

    Marius did a wonderful job integrating all of our requirements. Would definitely hire him again!

    - michelle vitale, June 4 2015

  • Assistance with Zerif Pro Theme from

    Project Rating:

    Marius is great to work with and has proven to be an invaluable resource for our project. He is a skilled WordPress Coder and offers not only quality work, but intuitive suggestions on how best to proceed in the right direction. I will look forward to working with Marius once again on another project as well as continue to use his talents to help maintain this current project. I highly recommend Marius if you are looking for a well spoke, intelligent and highly adaptive Coder.

    - Eli Lehrmann, May 27 2015

  • development

    Project Rating:

    Best of the best.

    - kenzo tominaga, May 26 2015

  • Header Modifications

    Project Rating:

    Marius did a wonderful job accomplishing the task at hand....creating a custom animation for my Login and Register button. Marius took the time to discuss the project at length prior to starting the task which builds trust and I like that a lot. I would most certainly hire Marius again.

    - Todd Coldiron, May 25 2015

  • I am building a new site and am struggling with menus and navigation - how to get my posts and pages to go in the right place.

    Project Rating:

    Marius was fantastic to work with. We started with a Skype call to make sure he understood my requirements, and from there he finished on time and on budget. He even gave me some extra help with a quick tutorial. I would definitely use him again.

    - Mar Rosati, May 19 2015

  • Woo-commerce website needs some tweaking (functional, but unattractive right now).

    Project Rating:

    Fantastic! Will certainly request to work with him in the future!

    - Nate McCallister, May 18 2015

  • I need google event tracking added to my site to track link clicks on several download links. I'm using the X Wordpress theme.

    Project Rating:

    Excellent! Communicative, flexible, and most importantly delivers quality work every time.

    - Joe Hanley, May 11 2015

  • Build a wp website based on design document.

    Project Rating:

    Very professional service.!For our first time using codeable service, Marius guide us step by step to achieve what we want. Finally the website looks perfect.

    - Santu Wang, May 8 2015

  • WPML language switcher and card view

    Project Rating:

    - Fabian Henzler, May 5 2015

  • Modify "Add To Cart" button on WooCommerce One Page Checkout

    Project Rating:

    Great communicator, excellent work, on-time. Highly recommended.

    - Joe Hanley, April 8 2015

  • I'm using the wooslider on my site, and the customers wants the navigation buttons per slide to be different, how can i change the class p/s

    Project Rating:

    The first response on my task was within 1 minute of me posting it. necessary information was exchanged and within a really short timespan the task was completed fully. Everything i needed. Thank you

    - anthonie de groot, March 24 2015

  • Change Canvas contact form to gravity form on Bon Appetit child theme

    Project Rating:

    Fast and to the point. We literally took 15 minutes to fix a major problem. Great service. Marius even explained to me what Ajax is. Will definitely hire again.

    - Franz Sauerstein, March 23 2015

  • Kill the slider

    Project Rating:

    Marius helped us with our simple (but inelegant) solution. He also articulated some ideas to address the bigger problem. Really appreciated his expertise.

    - Lyssa Adkins, January 30 2015

  • Adding HTML5 full width autoplay (self hosted) video to site

    Project Rating:

    Marius once again has done an excellent job. Great communication, fast work, and very professional. Thanks!

    - Ryan Flaherty, January 29 2015

  • Setup plugins and translation

    Project Rating:

    Best of the best!

    - kenzo tominaga, January 22 2015

  • Require Custom Edits to iLightbox plugin. Require L&R arrows and close button added

    Project Rating:

    Extremely professional. He knew exactly what he was doing. My mind was completely at ease. 🙂

    - Daniel Secomb, January 19 2015

  • I need code adding to woo commerce category template file

    Project Rating:

    Quick and got the job done

    - Harry Loft, January 12 2015

  • Integration of WP All Import Pro plug-in with ACF and custom Taxonomies

    Project Rating:

    I have recommended to a number of colleagues and clients, but this has been the first time I've used the system myself. I am very pleased to report that Marius helped make this first task an easy and pleasurable experience, and I've been very grateful for his conscientious and thorough approach to the project at hand. His understanding of the inner workings of WordPress and a whole host of associated plug-ins cannot be underestimated. Even before we began our colloboration on this task, he had already suggested some fantastic solutions that I wouldn't otherwise have considered. All of this was done with excellent standards of communication and a firm adherence to the timeframe agreed. If you're looking to commission a WordPress professional on Codeable, I couldn't praise Marius highly enough.

    - Alex Stanhope, January 10 2015

  • coding needed

    Project Rating:

    The work was done quickly and it seems like Marius picked the best solution to do what I requested.

    - TOM MARTIN, December 15 2014

  • Menu not working for mobiles

    Project Rating:

    I had a problem and Marius solved it 🙂

    - Mats D, December 2 2014

  • Help me create drop down menus for my wordpress them

    Project Rating:

    Marius was able to quickly and professionally solve my issue.

    - Olivier Ballou, November 29 2014

  • Wordpress theme change and site updates.

    Project Rating:

    Working with Marius was a smooth and extremely professional experience. He kept me up to date with regular progress reports and he was very quick to respond to any questions I had along the way. I am very pleased with his work and I will be hiring him again for future projects. If you are looking for someone who is excellent at communication and has a particular attention to detail, I would not hesitate to recommend working with Marius.

    - Nikolas Hedberg, November 25 2014

  • Conditional logic for Woocommerce fields

    Project Rating:

    Marius was very patient and had great communication. I will certainly do business again with him.

    - Jason Tromblay, September 30 2014

  • I would like to develop two drop down boxes which filter on qualification level and category and update the list below:

    Project Rating:

    Marius was excellent from start to finish. He understood the brief in detail and delivered a solution that worked perfectly! I would highly recommend Marius and would use him in the future. Thanks for everything, Exponential Training

    - James Dillon, September 23 2014

  • Adding more functionality to existing quote tool

    Project Rating:

    Marius did a fantastic job, once again. Excellent communication, professionalism, and knowledge. He went above and beyond to meet and exceed the demands of the task. Will hire again.

    - Ryan Flaherty, September 19 2014

  • Move "checkout cart" info from main menu to top right of header. Site is built on Canvas and uses WooCommerce.

    Project Rating:

    Marius did a great job with my site tweak. He was quick, resourceful and made sure I was satisfied with his work.

    - Stephen Murphey, September 17 2014

  • Extra features for Phase 1

    Project Rating:

    - Ryan Flaherty, August 22 2014

  • Hello - I am developing a site for a custom t-shirt/apparel printer. We are looking a "quick quote" tool plugin. Haven't been able to find.

    Project Rating:

    Excellent communication and great work. Marius has been a pleasure to work with. Will re-hire for sure!

    - Ryan Flaherty, August 22 2014

  • Customization for wp job manager with dante theme

    Project Rating:

    perfectly done, has a good eye for design and layout.

    - Caspar Eberhard, August 9 2014

  • Theme cuts off 100px on either side on ipads/iphones

    Project Rating:

    Marius did a great job. It took quite a lot of back and forth but he stayed patient and in the end we worked it out. Thanks again!

    - Anuschka Rees, August 8 2014

  • Could you look at this login problem - I usually cannot login without having to use the "lost password" option and even then not every time.

    Project Rating:

    Very good Programmer knows his stuff

    - Charlie Jackson, August 8 2014

  • Does the BulletProof Security plugin prevent duplicator from creating a backup package, Dpulicator was working prior to installing BPS Secur

    Project Rating:

    - Charlie Jackson, August 8 2014

  • upload picture on WP page

    Project Rating:

    highly professional: excellent!

    - Benno Marbach, August 5 2014

  • Trouble Shooting: plugin "LayerSlider WP" cannot be activated

    Project Rating:

    fast, reliable and effective.: well-done!

    - Benno Marbach, August 5 2014

  • parked domains

    Project Rating:

    Very good job. I wish you a lot of sucess.Thank you again

    - plamen jovanovski, August 4 2014

  • Customization for wp job manager with dante theme

    Project Rating:

    - Caspar Eberhard, July 27 2014

  • need customization of my portfolio website

    Project Rating:

    Serious work. Helped me a lot on my task and my project. I recommend.

    - julien sallrin, July 21 2014

  • EDD / Crowdfunding by Foundify / Slug author modification

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    Great and quick job !! Thank you very much for your willingness to always find the best solution.

    - Anjou William, July 17 2014

  • EDD checkout modification

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    Marius did a great professional job. I'm proud for having given him his first codeable task ! I highly recommend him.

    - Anjou William, July 17 2014

  • I need to Translate the webpage to new languages. (German and Portuguiese)

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    Roos Group International thanks Marius Vetrici for his well done job. He was ready to help and to find new solutions even if there was no solution in sight.We would choose Marius again & recommend Marius for your Work.

    - Gabriel Schafflützel, July 15 2014