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  • WPUltimo

    Project Rating:

    Unbelievably professional, prompt and prepared. Marius and his team can handle any task without worry

    - Robert Anderson, April 21 2019

  • Seeking a developer to finish customizing my Wordpress site and fix a few problems. The site is 90% done.

    Project Rating:

    Marius and his team have been wonderful to work with! I needed improvements done on a highly customized wordpress theme which they were able to do with ease. Their response time to my questions and feedback was always fast and they completed all project tasks on time and on budget. I highly recommend them!

    - Michael Mulhall, August 29 2018

  • I need to get my Restrict Content Pro plugin customized so that users need to enable an additional checkbox on the registration page of RCP.

    Project Rating:

    The work itself, the communication and the responsiveness are very professional, friendly and in summary: just perfect :)!

    - Felix Prosch, August 10 2018

  • I'd Like to Update Content on my Wordpress Site

    Project Rating:

    Marius and his team did a great job and provided everything I asked of them. Even when we ran into some dificulties with my current hosting provider.

    - Gina Gillette, December 4 2019

  • How to transform existing several websites (mainly in Joomla) into one modern sales and marketing driven E2E eCommerce platform

    Project Rating:

    We had a great consulting call with Marius. He was very knowledgeable, quickly understood the overall picture and provided options on how to go forward. Very helpful. thanks a lot

    - oliver weiser, December 3 2019

  • Website Fix - Tablet Mobile Menue Issues

    Project Rating:

    - shaun schulman, December 2 2019

  • Cannot login to admin dashboard on WP site

    Project Rating:

    - Josh Woiderski, November 25 2019

  • Email Alert Plugin

    Project Rating:

    Marius had great communication throughout the project. Since he was in a different timezone there was a delay in responsiveness which led to a delay on the project due date.

    - Randy Gonzalez, November 22 2019

  • Need help getting Elementor to Work on GoDaddy VPS

    Project Rating:

    - Jon Teodoro, November 21 2019

  • Carpe City Updates

    Project Rating:

    Marius and his team have once again done a great job. Their work is very professional and is delivered on time. I will definitely use them again.

    - Christi Scofield, November 20 2019

  • Soho Press Homepage Fix

    Project Rating:

    - Rudy Martinez, November 14 2019

  • Want to speed up my site

    Project Rating:

    - Will Macowski, November 13 2019

  • Customisation of Wholesale Suite plugin + WooCommerce maintenance

    Project Rating:

    - N. McLake, November 12 2019

  • I would like to discuss my options for creating a new WordPress site for the software company where I am the sole marketer.

    Project Rating:

    - Melanie Hendrix, November 7 2019

  • SolarShare website

    Project Rating:

    Productive session, added value.

    - Richard O'Rourke, November 7 2019

  • SEO Technical Work (possible new website build as a 2nd project)

    Project Rating:

    Excellent work by Marius and his team.

    - Karl Dumas, October 29 2019

  • AEN - Australasian ESports Network

    Project Rating:

    - Jamie Uncles, October 29 2019

  • Divi Responsive Layout

    Project Rating:

    Marius and his team are always great to work with, good communication and very thorough will definitely continue to hire him.

    - shaun schulman, October 25 2019

  • Discovery for CovetAndMane

    Project Rating:

    Marius and his team are the most knowledgeable Wordpress experts I have had the pleasure of working with.

    - David Gaz, October 18 2019

  • Holidays by region for Woocommerce delivery dates

    Project Rating:

    - Thorsten - Elbnetz, October 17 2019

  • Excisting website upgrade to new theme

    Project Rating:

    - Monique Kroes, October 16 2019

  • Import only delivery dates for order lines?

    Project Rating:

    - Lyall Brandon-Smith, October 15 2019

  • Instagram Embed Glitch

    Project Rating:

    - Steven Samuel, October 14 2019

  • Wordpress Gravityforms & FillablePDF

    Project Rating:

    - John Sällberg, October 14 2019

  • Increase website speed

    Project Rating:

    - Tina Mucha, October 7 2019

  • Optimize to load faster

    Project Rating:

    - Jayson Dubin, October 6 2019

  • Connect Wordpress with Salesforce

    Project Rating:

    - Stephanie Merci, September 30 2019

  • Fixes for the Carpe City Site

    Project Rating:

    Great work as always from Marius and his team. Will definitely hire again!

    - Christi Scofield, September 27 2019

  • Wishlist Page CSS

    Project Rating:

    - Mark Riley, September 24 2019

  • Delete missing products

    Project Rating:

    - Kim Jørgensen, September 20 2019

  • Form and status panel

    Project Rating:

    - julien carussi, September 19 2019

  • Adding to WooCommerce Attribute Swatches by Iconic

    Project Rating:

    - Cameron Pagliocca, September 16 2019

  • Untitled

    Project Rating:

    Very straightforward and helpful.

    - Miles Erickson, September 12 2019

  • Optimizing for mobile site speed

    Project Rating:

    We hired Marius and his team to optimize our mobile site speed. We had a fixed budget and wanted their help with essentially whatever they could do within that budget, and they greatly exceeded our expectations. The results were amazing, improving mobile site speed by 7-fold! I would absolutely trust and hire them again, and they come with the highest recommendation from me. Extremely courteous to work with, reasonable, responsive.Thanks for breaking the ice on Codeable for us!

    - Jake Warren, September 12 2019

  • World Schools Website Bugs Fixing (2nd project)

    Project Rating:

    - Stephanie Merci, September 12 2019

  • We would like to discuss the possibility of transferring our current membership plugin (MagicMembers) to Memberpress and do some redesigning

    Project Rating:

    - Eric Barends, September 10 2019

  • I need to show the picture of the product I deliver to customer before it arrives

    Project Rating:

    - Katsumi Yamano, September 9 2019

  • Custom Tickets Graphics

    Project Rating:

    Marius worked well under our budget and was amazing to work with. We will be back!

    - Beth Honeycutt, September 3 2019

  • MVP site needed for membership based site using MemberPress

    Project Rating:

    Great work and very patient with my lack of time!

    - Drew Perdichizzi, September 3 2019

  • Customize Workflow and/or Introduce Multi-tenant for existing Woocommerce Site

    Project Rating:

    Marius is what I think of when I hear the word Expert. He came to our consultation having done prior research (and went above and beyond, trying to struggle through Hungarian pages with Google translate), provided guidance, and is ready for phase 2 when we're ready!

    - Zsolt Nadas, August 30 2019

  • Need help to fix website and security

    Project Rating:

    Marius was very patient with me when I was trying to figure things out! He did a great job with the fixes and I'm so happy to have my website fixed and secure! I will absolutely request Marius again!! Thank you!!

    - Shari Addleman, August 29 2019

  • Improve website speed- check site for updates and any errors

    Project Rating:

    - Kristen Lonie, August 21 2019

  • Restrict Content Pro - A Few Customization Needs

    Project Rating:

    Excellent Work!

    - Michael Weiss, August 20 2019

  • Posts Per Day Count

    Project Rating:

    - Steven Samuel, August 16 2019

  • I need some work on my header (Menu + Look'n'feel)

    Project Rating:

    - Nicolas Moncion, August 13 2019

  • 7 issues to solve after update of the theme by an other coder who got injured

    Project Rating:

    - Stephanie Merci, August 12 2019

  • Cost Calculation Plugin

    Project Rating:

    - Daniel Lerner, August 10 2019

  • ECommerce Dropshippers + Miscellaneous Updates

    Project Rating:

    The timely responses, practical advice and answering of questions was just wonderful. I am excited to use the new enhanced capabilities! Thanks again!

    - Kerry Kobe, August 8 2019

  • Update email template to highlighted changed dates

    Project Rating:

    - Lyall Brandon-Smith, August 5 2019

  • Membership Site - Connecting the Dots

    Project Rating:

    - Melvin Varghese, August 1 2019

  • I need help setting up a booking product.

    Project Rating:

    - Charles Mateker, July 28 2019

  • Custom Gutenberg Block

    Project Rating:

    - Drew Poland, July 22 2019

  • Pop-up Registration for Customer - No access without the customer is going to register

    Project Rating:

    We are very happy with the work Marius did. Great work and communication with him. We already have done another project, so we were happy to work with him again!

    - Simone Staal, July 22 2019

  • I need to fix my menu (Desktop & Mobile)

    Project Rating:

    - Nicolas Moncion, July 10 2019

  • I need a WP/Woo Commerce site fixed - seems to be a common problem in regards to language handling

    Project Rating:

    - Tine Friis, June 28 2019

  • Fix blog issues on WP site

    Project Rating:

    Marius and his team are great, this is my second project with him and both experiences have been fantastic, great communication, attention to detail and thoroughness.

    - shaun schulman, June 27 2019

  • Stripe Connect is not function with Dokan and WoCommerce

    Project Rating:

    We are very happy about the result!

    - Simone Staal, June 27 2019

  • Wordpress Consultation

    Project Rating:

    Marius and his team are great! Will definitely hire again.

    - Christi Scofield, June 24 2019

  • Build a plugin to facilitate payments using our DaoPay API

    Project Rating:

    - Melita Sylejmani, June 12 2019

  • Website doppel-ganger making trouble, sending spam. Need the 2nd 'fake' site removed.

    Project Rating:

    - Diane O'Reilly, May 29 2019

  • Website Maintenance and Occasional Design Help

    Project Rating:

    I cannot speak highly enough of Marius and his team. I have had an excellent experience with their communication, attention to detail and explanations of the inner workings of my website.

    - Krista Peters, May 23 2019

  • LinkedIn and Facebook not showing correct image when sharing homepage of wordpress site.

    Project Rating:

    Marius is great, very thorough communicator!

    - shaun schulman, May 10 2019

  • Woocommerce customisations

    Project Rating:

    - Anastasia Sevostyanova, May 10 2019

  • Problem adding SmartBuy to next site

    Project Rating:

    - Lyall Brandon-Smith, May 1 2019


    Project Rating:

    Excellent response time and easy to work with - I'll be back for more work with Marius!

    - Jay Walton, April 16 2019

  • WordPress Install

    Project Rating:

    - Alan Day, April 12 2019

  • Convert Static Template to Filterable List Using FacetWP & ACF

    Project Rating:

    - Brandon Harrison, April 9 2019

  • YITH Multi Vendor - Create filter Order Dashboard

    Project Rating:

    It's was a pleasure work with Marius. He is very professional and he has created an amazing plugin 😀 Thank you so much

    - Davide Del Gatto, April 4 2019

  • Compensation Service

    Project Rating:

    Very quick in response and improvements

    - Werner Schouten, March 31 2019

  • Shape portfolio

    Project Rating:

    - Tiago Correia, March 28 2019

  • Tax Exempt and Ship Collect Option Fields Below Order Details

    Project Rating:

    - Rob Weber, March 27 2019

  • Bad themes

    Project Rating:

    - Henning Femtehjell, March 26 2019

  • Payment Method section in My Account

    Project Rating:

    Amazing Team!! Great Communication! Thank you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!

    - nicky sciotto, March 23 2019

  • Need Architecting & Scoping for Modular Content Blocks Content Website (Marius Vetrici)

    Project Rating:

    Had a great consultation with Marius and Andre. They helped me think about and scope out my project in real time, and brought up great questions and concepts I hadn't thought about.Great WordPress experts, and look forward to working with them.

    - Joe Robison, March 20 2019

  • Customizing Buddyboss Marketplace theme

    Project Rating:

    Very helpful. Thank you!Talk soon

    - Nicholas Voorhees, March 19 2019

  • Subscription

    Project Rating:

    Great, very informative and helpful

    - Martin Porter, March 15 2019

  • The images on my carousel are not centered and the tops are being cut off.

    Project Rating:

    - David Abadie, March 6 2019

  • Update Groupbuy plugin/product type to work with variable products

    Project Rating:

    - Lyall Brandon-Smith, March 5 2019

  • Wordpress site hosting transfer

    Project Rating:

    - Kyle Thomas, March 4 2019

  • Visual Composer

    Project Rating:

    - Andrew Manalo, February 27 2019

  • Customizing Job Board Plugin on a Staffing Site

    Project Rating:

    - Brian Schwidder, February 25 2019

  • Add a new Merge Tag to gravity forms for use in Gravity PDF

    Project Rating:

    - Gill Bishop, February 22 2019

  • Listable Theme Customization

    Project Rating:

    Very Efficient and experience. Work very closely like a team

    - Lewis Lam, February 18 2019

  • Create a Freelance Writing Platform Based on WP

    Project Rating:

    - david kochanek, February 12 2019

  • Add an order confirmation popup before order placement

    Project Rating:

    - LEWIS HADAWAY, February 12 2019

  • wp theme customisation

    Project Rating:

    - amir akbari, February 11 2019

  • Need to integrate GoCardless into an existing Wordpress site.

    Project Rating:

    - Michael Scherchen, January 31 2019

  • Display woocommerce categories in alphabetical order by last name

    Project Rating:

    The project was done on time, and to my specification. Thank you.

    - Mark Riley, January 31 2019

  • Migrate website from a virtual private server to a shared hosting server.

    Project Rating:

    This was a seamless experience, even when I wasn't 100% prepared all the time.

    - Guy van der Walt, January 31 2019

  • Essential Grid - Ajax Search [WooCommerce]

    Project Rating:

    Marius and Carmen were really professional and easy to work with. Marius did the task in no time and in an impeccable manner, meanwhile Carmen handled communication with me, never had to worry 'bout anything !!

    - Elijah Dushimimana, January 24 2019

  • Rules Engine Plugin

    Project Rating:

    - Russ Gilbert, January 23 2019

  • LearnDash Schedule Drip

    Project Rating:

    Marius seemed really great to work with, but after the initial proposal, I never talked to him. It was always someone name Carman who was very pushy throughout the testing process. There is a major difference in time zones which made it tough for communication and testing. Carman kept asking me to mark the project complete so they could be paid, even though the project wasn't complete.

    - Chris Darnell, January 23 2019

  • Increase Frequency options and change link names Woocommerce Subscriptions

    Project Rating:

    - Majd Azar, January 21 2019

  • fix categories

    Project Rating:

    Although Marius is a very hight skill professional and we dealt with him many times in the past with an excellent feedback I can not say the same for my last engagement. We think our issues with our website were deal in a very unprofessional way and at the end it was Marius who has to got involve to fix it.He also suggested to us to look for another wordpress consultant since there ware very busy which is what we are going to do.We would someone else where they want our business.Alter expending nearly 9.000€ in customization that is how i was treated.Best regards.

    - Jose Maria Gonzalez, January 20 2019

  • Hempindica: Addition of Text Field to WooCommerce Wordpress Site

    Project Rating:

    - Jessica O'Brien, January 11 2019

  • Addition of text field to WooCommerce Wordpress Site

    Project Rating:

    - Jessica O'Brien, January 8 2019

  • "Products for WP Job Manager" Plugin for Listable Theme, and Listable Theme Customization

    Project Rating:

    The team has so much patient on customer, willing to help and offer advise to customer, I have great user experience with the team, and they have done a great job on my project

    - Lewis Lam, December 24 2018

  • I need my Wordpress website (theme Listable) improved and improve aesthetics.

    Project Rating:

    Really helpful! Would definitely recommend

    - Rachelle Micallef, December 20 2018

  • Manual order amendment and customer approval plugin

    Project Rating:

    Excellent communication, accommodating to the requirements and any bugs/issues were resolved promptly and professionally.

    - Lyall Brandon-Smith, December 14 2018

  • WordPress Consultation

    Project Rating:

    Great work. Marius is very knowledgeable about all things Wordpress and is especially helpful in customizing your site to meet your exact needs. Will hire again!!

    - Christi Scofield, December 12 2018