Marius Vetrici
CEO wpriders
March 24, 2015

Test if Flexslider loaded

Recently I had a mini project for a client and I had to test if Flexslider has been shown on the screen in order to further modify it. Subscribing to the start callback didn’t work because the slider was shown by the theme and not by my code.

jQuery(document).ready(…) didn’t work either. The slider was there, but I couldn’t subscribe to click events on the arrows of the slider.

So I decided to go for a chained setTimeout sequence. I used it for Flexslider, but it can be used whenever you need to check that some things happened on the page and you really don’t have other (easy) alternatives.

Here’s how it looks like and it works:

Later edit:
Another approach would have been to use setInterval / clearInterval JavaScript functions. Next time.

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