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When you build as many websites and plugins as we do, you understand how to properly maintain and grow them for the best return on investment.

Ongoing WordPress Development & Support - The Answer to Your Website Problems

Regardless of the type of website you are trying to develop or maintain, our team has done it before. Not once. Not twice. But tons of times. And that allows us to deliver value quickly – because we’re never learning at your expense. Here are several kinds of WordPress Development & Support services we offer.

WordPress & Plugin updates

Our team has the expertise to update in a safe manner some of the most complex websites.

Plugin Review / Replacement

When you build as many websites as we do, you know what works and what doesn’t. Our plugin cleansing service helps keep bad plugins off your website.

Security & Backups

We regularly check your website to ensure it’s free of malware. Backups, speedy website cleanups and hack remediation are included.

Outsourced CTO

No need to split equity with a technical co-founder. Get access to a dedicated senior technical person that speaks your business language.

Custom features

Need to add a membership to your website, an e-shop or any other customisation? We can help you with simple as well as complex tasks.

Ongoing website development

Are you short on WordPress development workforce? Our engineers can be an extension of your team. We have your back.


Basic WordPress


Low volume plan for plugin, theme and CMS security updates so that you don’t have to worry about your website.

Days included

1 working day / month
Overages billed @ $595 / day

Suitable for:

WordPress CMS Updates
Theme updates
Plugin updates
Help and advice
Maintenance and support.

Response time:

2 business days

Urgent tasks:

What’s included:

Security scans & cleanup
Daily backups
Uptime monitoring
Priority Emergency Care
Site Improvement Suggestions
Your Dedicated WordPress developer Your Dedicated Outsourced CTO
Dedicated real-time communication channel

Maintenance WordPress


Medium plan that includes security updates as well as small tasks for improvements, updates or fixes.


3  working days / month
Overages billed @ $560 / day

Suitable for:

Everything in Basic plan plus
Site review
Plugin review
Plugin replacement
Custom features
Performance tweaks

Response time:

1 business day

Urgent tasks:

1 / month

What’s included:

Security scans & cleanup
Daily backups
Uptime monitoring
Priority Emergency Care
Site Improvement Suggestions
Dedicated WordPress developer
Your Dedicated Outsourced CTO
Dedicated real-time communication channel

Growth WordPress


This is like an extension of your team. We work in weekly Agile sprints.

Days included

8 working days / month
Overages billed @ $525 / day

Suitable for:

Large features
Ongoing website development
Ongoing plugin development
MVP Development
Level 2 support for your product

Response time:

1 business day

Urgent tasks:

3 / month

What’s included

Security scans & cleanup
Daily backups
Uptime monitoring
Priority Emergency Care
Site Improvement Suggestions
Your Dedicated WordPress developer
Your Dedicated Outsourced CTO
Dedicated real-time communication channel

Brands we've worked with

The story of

Kathy Rainey is a visionary American entrepreneur from Nashville. After talking to three other reputable agencies, she approached WPRiders with a complex problem: her website was slow, unstable, and had 70+ plugins installed. She wanted to achieve her vision and needed a couple more features, but with the current establishment it was not possible. is a specialized digital platform leveraged to bring together the silos of BC, EM, DR, GRC and ERM to build resilient organizations and communities in the private and public sectors. The vibrant ecosystem is not simply a web site but rather a global hub for professionals to connect and collaborate.

Here’s Kathy’s story in her own words. “We had previously spent a lot of money on web development for this platform with another company. We had an audit done in the summer and were told there were some major flaws and problems with our site. The company that did all of the work didn’t seem to understand how to be strategic when thinking about the big picture of a website as complex as ours. We hired WPRiders to retool, improve, and fix the problems we had.”   We started with plugin cleansing by making an inventory of every plugin. We collected information about the specific use of each plugin, when they were last updated and then recommended a course of action. Some of them got deleted, some replaced, and some got rewritten into simpler, more efficient plugins. For example, instead of having 4 plugins doing a specific feature, we replaced them with one custom written plugin that would have the needed features from the 4 plugins. And then we deleted those 4. Better than this, the custom plugin contained only the core needed features and no other extra whistles and bells that any off-the-shelf plugin would contain, but which would slow down the website.   While performing the work, we ran the website through several metrics before and after and ensured there was a consistent improvement with every step. Lastly, we compiled a Strategic Roadmap for the development of the website that we are following and reviewing on a regular basis.

A slow website is a business killer

Many good-looking and fast websites are launched every day. Once launched, new features and plugins get added, and soon they become slow and unstable. This is not because they were bad websites. Simply, because it’s difficult to maintain a website when your focus is on business.

They Said WordPress Was Easy

The moment you want a feature, people tell you that there’s a plugin for that. But when you go looking for a plugin, you find 50,000. How do you know which plugin is the right one? How do you know whether a plugin will slow down your site? How do you know if one plugin will work with another? Let’s be honest. Nothing about this is easy.

I appreciate your thoroughness and abilities and I feel that you take care with my site as if it were your own.

Krista Peters, USA


Excellent. We love and appreciate being cautious and wanting to make a good choice. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions while you’re talking about it and we’ll be happy to answer.

One of the benefits of working with us is you’ll be getting US Quality at Offshore Prices.

The number one mistake people make when choosing a technical partner is to look at only the price and to assume that everything else is equal. It is not, and we can tell from dozens of customers who have come to us with partial digital projects, asking us to review the half-baked code, and to fix it.

Here are some other things to consider besides price when choosing a technical partner:

– The quality of code is not equal; you need secure and scalable code that respects coding standards
– The communication is not the same across all vendors; if you are like most of the folks we’ve worked with, you would certainly love to be kept in the loop regularly about how the project is progressing. We call this the Heartbeat.
– The ability to understand what you need, and to document it, is not the same. You need written proof that your thoughts and vision have been properly understood by your partner.
– The business advice that comes with our technical expertise is not a commodity. For more than 16 years we’ve been helping and guiding close to 500 entrepreneurs throughout their digital journey.

Our team members have world-class coding experience. However, in those rare cases when you are not happy with our service, you can cancel the monthly payment. As simple as that.

We can make an arrangement for an hourly based maintenance plan where we usually charge between $90 and $120 / hour. However, man-day prices are obviously lower than the corresponding hourly prices and we want you to enjoy the best service at the best possible price.

Each man-day has 7 hours of work out of which 6 hours of high-quality coding plus 1 hour devoted to Project Management and Testing. Besides this, we usually spend on average an extra hour for research, brainstorming, discovery, ideation, etc. for your project.

As an agency, we have the capacity to handle both small and large projects as well as to scale up as you need. We would love to help you with larger builds, so please reach out to your Customer Success Manager and let us know about your plans. You can request extra development days and get billed at the agreed upon daily rate for any spikes you may have.

Yes, we will handle urgent tasks as well. The Maintenance WordPress Retainer plan includes 1 urgent task per month, while the Growth WordPress Retainer includes 3 urgent tasks per month. Beyond that we will help you on a best effort basis, but rest assured: if there’s something truly urgent, we will have your back.

In the Growth WordPress Retainer we also offer a dedicated real time communication channel, like a joint Slack Workspace. Thus, our teams can be constantly in touch and exchange information as they need it.

We plan the man-days in the calendar so that you know your work will be scheduled, for example, for every Tuesday and Thursday. This means, we will block our team to work on your tasks, and in exchange, we would expect you to fill up those working days that we are allocating for you.

In those cases where you are not able to fully use the allocated capacity, under certain circumstances, we might be able to reschedule your working days during the same month. However, we would not be able to roll over the unused man-days from one month to another but we will recommend you scale down your retainer starting with the next month.

Yes, you can use the support time on as many websites as you need.

Yes, we can help you configure and integrate other services in your website as part of the monthly retainer.

The contract is a month to month contract, so you can cancel it at any time with a 30-days notice. There’s no long-term lock in.

You Don’t Have to Be A Techy to Grow A Successful Internet Businesses

A solid website

Tested on major browsers

Tested on mobile devices

Strategic development roadmap

No time wasted

Our promises will be recorded and kept

Build on a solid foundation

Before we develop new features for you, we’d like to make sure you have a solid website foundation. Our Initial plugin cleansing step ensures that.

Grow and scale with a strategic roadmap

We want to have a goal and a master plan. The minutiae of how are we doing all of this are up to us. We ensure that every little change contributes to your growth.

Long-standing Relationships

We have more repeat customers than most agencies – with some we’ve worked for years. Our focus is to build long-lasting relationships and be an extension of your internal team.

WPRiders has already made considerable improvements to the website in a short period of time. They’re organized and have great communication skills. With the ability to offer strategic thinking and insight, they’ve proven to be very smart. They’ve provided an exceptional experience so far.

Kathy Rainey, USA

WPRiders did an excellent job with the customizations that I needed. But most importantly, they handle a huge task for a website owner like me, ensuring the plugins and security updates are complete. So I don’t have to worry about that at all.

Will Turnage, USA

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