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We build a LOT of websites, for the biggest brands and innovative startups so we know what works and what doesn’t.

A Good Idea Isn’t Enough

People have product ideas every day. Good ideas. And yet, those ideas don’t always turn into products. Not because the ideas are bad or complicated. Simply because it’s hard to build partnerships between “idea” people and “tech” people. And finding the right tech partner can be difficult and fraught with risk.

Finding the Right Partner is Hard

Many non-technical founders are looking to find technology specialists. But soon they discover their technical partner doesn’t speak the language of business at all. Finding somebody who could talk in the language of both business and technology is hard. Finding someone who could do that and they didn’t cost a ridiculous amount is even harder.

If you’ve hired off the job platforms, you’ve likely discovered that $5 doesn’t get you a product. And you’re likely not working with people who could be long-term partners. 

If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve discovered that sometimes remote work doesn’t work as expected. People disappear. They’re only available at weird hours. Or they can’t understand you because English isn’t their primary language.

If you’ve interviewed technologists, you’ve likely discovered they may know how to code, but aren’t great business advisors nor communicators – leaving you lost about where to start.

Enabling Non-Technical Founders to Build and Launch Successful Websites

Custom Plugins

Online Stores

Membership Sites / Content Protection


Learning Management Systems

Recruitment platforms

US Quality at Offshore Prices

When working with us you will enjoy the quality of work your accustomed to, at offshore prices. We are not priced like fiverr, but we are far more competitive than US agencies.


Before we ever write a line of code, we make sure that we’re all in alignment about what we’re trying to build. Our discovery process ensures that.

Long-standing Relationships

We have more repeat customers than most agencies – with some that we’ve worked with for years. Our focus is to build long-lasting relationships and be an extension of your internal team.

WPRiders team is not just doing web development. They are trying to see how the development of this platform will contribute to my business objectives and how we can make it sustainable and functional.

Kathy Rainey


How We Can Help

Regardless of what kind of digital solution you’re trying to build, our team has done it before. Not once. Not twice. But tons of times. And that allows us to deliver value quickly – because we’re never learning at your expense. Here are several kinds of digital products we offer.

Custom Plugins

We have created many custom plugins that extend the way your website works

Online Stores

We have launched e-commerce stores for a wide range of industries

Membership Sites / Content Protection

We created platforms that generate recurring revenue from subscriptions


We have created platforms similar to Airbnb or Uber for various niches

Learning Management Systems

Our platforms are managing tens of thousands of online learners

Recruitment Platforms

We have helped recruiters to source high-quality candidates, using customized recruitment platforms

The Story of

Aziz Alza, an American entrepreneur from Chicago, approached WPRiders to build a simple platform intended to help students with their homework. It’s been a successful year-long project that eventually evolved into an online learning platform. is an online marketplace platform that connects teachers to students. It is an educational website that provides several services like homework help and online video courses for different disciplines. The teachers can easily register on the website and post their classes, while students can search through them and book the ones they need.

Since Aziz already had a WordPress-based prototype, we started by analyzing the existing build. Aziz received strategic technical guidance on how to further develop the project as part of our formal Scope of Work (SoW). The SoW ensured we were on the same page and that we had a plan. We built user registration, homework submission, online payments and bookings, and lessons that supported different types of content, as well as other custom features.

One important aspect was to ensure the quality of the course content. By integrating the MasterStudy LMS, the platform allowed the creation of lessons that included videos, graphs, images, slides and any other attachments. The learning platform also supported a virtual classroom system, integrated through the LearnCube API. This allowed teachers to interact with the enrolled students in real-time.

We then developed custom dashboards for teachers and students, as well as created a commissions system. The latter provided options to set commission values (fixed or percentage) for homework requests and virtual classes. Commissions could be applied to both teachers and students. They are automatically calculated and displayed on the dashboard of each user.

What I like is that we never waste time. You understand what I want. I struggle to talk to the other developers and I get different results. That’s why I stick with you guys – you get it, you really get it. 

Aziz Alza

founder Askademic


Develop a Custom Plugin

Usually between

$3,000 and $10,000

This is a custom module that changes the behavior of your website, adds new features or links several plugins together in a cohesive way.

Suitable for

Minimum Viable Products

Usually between

$10,000 and $20,000

In only 60 days, you will get the first version of your next big idea.

Suitable for

Web applications and SaaS

Usually between

$30,000 and $100,000

This is a full-scale build for a new web app or SaaS platform.

Suitable for

The cost was lower than US-based agencies and in line with off-shore competitors. Given their price-point, focus on detail, and quality of work, they are a contender for any future project.

Mark Zahra

CEO RebelCode


Excellent. We love and appreciate being cautious and wanting to make a good choice. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions while you’re talking about it and we’ll be happy to answer.

The Discovery Session is our approach for dramatically lowering the price of a digital platform build from $75,000 down to less than $20,000.

 How can a $1,000 investment save more than $50,000? There are pre-built components, called plugins, that offer many features that a business needs within a development project. If we can use those plugins, we cut out a ton of custom development.

But the only way to know if we can use those plugins, and benefit from the existing code that others have written, is to do a formal interview over key features and how they work. That’s what we do in Discovery. And we’ve seen that tiny investment save people tons of money and save our teams tons of hours of effort. We’ve done more than 10,000 hours of Discovery projects and those have basically allowed us to deliver high-quality projects faster and cheaper – things that most people think are impossible.

One of the benefits when working with us is you’ll be getting US Quality at Offshore Prices.

The number one mistake somebody can make when choosing a technical partner is to look at only the price and to assume that everything else is equal. It is not, and we can tell from dozens of customers who have come to us with partial digital projects, asking us to review the half-baked code, and to fix it.

 Here are some other things to consider besides price when choosing a technical partner:

  •  The quality of code is not equal; you need secure and scalable code that respects coding standards
  •  The communication is not the same across all vendors; if you are like most of the folks we’ve worked with, you would certainly love to be kept in the loop regularly about how the project is progressing. We are calling this the Heartbeat.
  • The ability to understand what you need, and to document it, is not the same. You need written proof that your thoughts and vision have been properly understood by your partner.
  •  The business advice that comes with our technical expertise is not a commodity. For more than 16 years we’ve been helping and guiding close to 500 entrepreneurs throughout their digital journey.

In those rare cases where we are not able to deliver your project as we’ve agreed, we will return your money back. Also, post-delivery, we offer 28-days of free bug fixing.

We were always on the same page; it was refreshing to work with a company like WPRiders.

Mike Mulhall

CEO Stack by Stack

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