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Online Payments
DaoPay API WooCommerce WooCommerce Subscriptions

  • CLIENT INDUSTRY: Online Payments
  • CLIENT REQUEST: Develop a plugin that would integrate DaoPay with WooCommerce
  • GOAL: Add full support for DaoPay API in WooCommerce to facilitate online payments for WordPress websites by building a custom plugin

DaoPay is a payment service provider integrated into thousands of online platforms as a payment method, reaching more than two billion consumers in over 72 countries.


Our process & implementation

Our goal for this project was to develop a custom plugin that will allow integrating WooCommerce-based online shops with the DaoPay API. We aimed to provide an easy and practical solution for payment processing of all business models. In order to have a successful launch of this project, thorough planning, product description, and task allocation were key steps.

During the development process, first, we integrated support for different payment types: credit cards, SEPA/Direct Debit, SOFORT Banking. The plugin includes a Settings Page, where each payment method can be configured. Also, each supported payment method can be enabled/disabled individually. An additional feature implementation is automatic location detection. Based on the customer’s geographical location, the plugin can automatically show the available payment methods supported in that region.

DaoPay’s plugin was built to support one-time payments, as well as recurring. Business models that are subscription or membership-based benefit most from recurring payments.

The process of chargebacks and refunds were also an important aspect to be taken into account. We have created specific integrations so that the reversed transactions and refunds would be processed without errors.

Security is an important aspect of payments, especially payments online. DaoPay’s custom plugin ensures secure payments for both the merchant and the consumer. We have implemented payment security measures based on a list of approved IP addresses. The security validation process includes checking the IP that sends the callback to the website to ensure that the response is issued by one of the DaoPay valid IPs. In addition, each payment method provides secure protection of payments.

Due to the critical nature of a payment plugin, an error handling mechanism is implemented with various fallbacks. This guarantees a smooth payment process and in those rare cases when a payment fails, there is a sure way to diagnose it.

Our team also made sure that the plugin supports custom “Thank You” page messages and adding order notes for payment-related events.

As a result, we have delivered a multi-functioning and versatile plugin with all the necessary features that make it suitable for two-sided marketplaces, membership/subscription-based models and e-commerce websites.

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