eRecruiter’s Seamless Website Migration To WordPress For Enhanced Website Efficiency

eRecruiter, a key player in Austria’s IT&S recruiting software sector, recently underwent a remarkable digital transformation. With a revenue under $5 million and a team size ranging from 11 to 50 employees, eRecruiter sought to enhance its online performance.

Struggling with their existing CMS, eRecruiter aimed to transition to WordPress while rejuvenating their website’s design and functionality. Their primary objectives included improving speed, user experience, and content management.

We carefully assessed eRecruiter’s requirements and concluded that a comprehensive redesign was necessary to leverage the full potential of WordPress. We devised a detailed roadmap, focusing on performance enhancements through custom Gutenberg blocks and speed optimization.

The results were truly transformative:

  • Enhanced Functionality: Empowering content management.
  • Speed Optimization: Achieving remarkable loading times.
  • Pixel-Perfect Design: Delivering aesthetically pleasing visuals.
  • Efficient Content Management: Custom post types for streamlined operations.
  • Improved User Interaction: Enhancing engagement through optimized contact forms.
  • Impressive Speed Benchmarks: Achieving top-tier performance ratings.

eRecruiter’s migration and redesign have elevated its position in the industry. To follow in their footsteps, contact us to unlock your website’s potential and boost your online presence and performance.

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