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WPRiders - Custom WordPress Development

Front-end & JavaScript Developer

WPRiders is a technical web development agency where we handle highly challenging Enterprise projects. Beyond that, WPRiders is a place where you grow as a person, where you read books and study a lot in order to become the best version of yourself.
You will work to solve complex issues concerning Enterprise custom development for clients based in the US, Australia and Western Europe.

“It’s a place where you learn something new every day“ – at least, that’s what our developers say.

We are looking for talented developers having at least two years of experience with front-end development and JavaScript. Our team needs somebody who is open to learning new things, responsible and passionate about software development.

To join our team, you need

  • to be proficient with HTML, CSS and SASS
  • to be be proficient with JavaScript including ES6
  • to have good knowledge of React – we want to see real working examples
  • to be pixel perfect – provide examples of websites you created starting from a PSD
  • to be honest – namely to be somebody who likes to play fair
  • to be accountable – to do your job paying respect to yourself, your work and your clients
  • to like learning – to search and experiment new things that you can immediately put into practice
  • to be proficient in English, both reading and writing

Job requirements

  • Front-end development with HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript including ES6: minimum 1 year
  • Previous experience with a framework/toolkit (Bootstrap, Foundation, Susy, etc.): minimum 1 year
  • Working experience with React: 1 year
  • Preferably previous experience working with: GIT, Grunt, JavaScript debugger.
  • A basic understanding of one of these frameworks would be an advantage: CanJS, Angular, Backbone, Aurelia, VueJs, Ember

What’s in it for you?

  • interesting projects that will challenge your brain
  • continuous learning: daily study time, book budget, Kindle for Amazon books, audio books on Audible
  • international exposure – 98% of our clients are international on a wide variety of Enterprise projects
  • great salary and benefits
  • medical insurance
  • acquisition of new laptop/desktop on any of the operating systems of your choice: Mac/Linux/Windows
  • we open source parts of our code to help the community – important for your personal branding
  • Flexibility – work from home or from our office
  • an incredibly talented team with a healthy organizational culture which encourages learning and self-growth

As a developer, you will

  • extend existing websites with new functionalities
  • style new pages to match the provided PSD or requirements
  • ability to implement designs based on existing designs, e.g. having an old site replicate the UI into a new platform
  • use a mobile first approach
  • update already existing web pages to apply styling changes, fix bugs or implement new functionalities
    integrate website’s front-end code into JSP pages
  • use React, ES6 and JavaScript to build dynamic pages, e.g. eCommenrce basket pages, checkout flows, product details pages, product listing pages
  • keep an eye on latest frameworks
  • use JS design patterns without over engineering the solution

Our company overview
WPRiders is a premium web development agency for clients across 5 continents.

Our core values:

  • Accountability: we do our job well. We work efficiently since we believe it is only up to us to deliver the promised results.
  • Integrity: we follow one simple rule – always do the right thing. We are honest and open with our customers. We keep our promises and treat our stakeholders with respect and consideration, just as we would want them to treat us.
  • Personal growth: we are passionate about our work. We are also open to personal change and continuous improvement. That is why we constantly challenge ourselves to find new ideas and solutions in our pursuit of excellence.
  • Contribution: we are part of the Open Source community. We are determined and dedicated to its success. We gladly share our know-how as keynote speakers and our code to inspire and help others just as we were inspired and helped by the Open Source family.

How to apply
Send us your Resume/CV and 3 websites or front-end JavaScript libraries that you developed. At least one of them should have the interface powered by React. If you send websites, we would like to see custom made websites based off a PSD file. Please send all the links/materials to marius{at}